Nepali Congress leader revokes desire of war in Nepal

Nepali Congress leader and culture minister Minendra Rijal warned of the revocation of civil war should Maoist activists who are also in the combatants’ position participate in their party plenum.

Speaking to reporters in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Rijal said that Maoists are holding their plenum session against democracy and peace.

"Participation of combatants in the party’s meeting will be agaisnt the peace agreement," Rijal emphasized.

However, Maoist leaders argue that since combatants’s voices need to be heard in the party’s plenum for the better completion of the peace process, their representives are also invited to the plenary session.

The Nepali Congress has so far refused to cooperate with the former rebels (Maoists) after their emergence as the largest political force in the country through the Constituent Assembly elections held on 10 April 2008.