Nepal’s First President Addressed the Nation

Nepal’s first President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav has urged all the Nepalis to go ahead with unity for constructing a new Nepal in a real sense. He addressed this evening in the name of the nation for the first time after getting elected as the country’s first ceremonial President.

In a speech disseminated via government electronic media, President Dr. Yadav said, “It is the need of the hour for all the political parties representing the Constituent Assembly (CA) and Nepali people to collectively move forward.”

In his speech, President Dr. Yadav stressed on national unity for safeguarding the country’s independence and sovereignty. He urged all the Nepalis to realize that all the people living in the mountains, hills and the Terai are the Nepalis.

President Dr Yadav also urged the political parties to be cautious while forming a new government. He focused his speech on the need to draft a good constitution that could really build a new fate for the Nepalis.