Nepal’s Prime Minister in Twitter

Kathmandu January 23, 2013: Prime Minister of Nepal Baburam Bhattrai(BRB) was seen firing up in the micro blogging social networking site twitter. It is the first time when such a level government official in Nepal has been seen updating his personal feeling publically on a social netwroking site.


Baburam has been quoted, “Give me single party majority govt. for 5 yrs like in Bihar. If I don’t show results, you can shoot me, young friends.Shoot me…” by most of the publications today. Bhattarai generated around 6,500 followers within 72 hours of his opening the account. From the past 17 months Bhattrai has been leading the Nepal government with a coalition government. Bhattrai using the twitter has been radically seen as an approach and option for his popularity where time is yet to see if it is just a popularity stunt or an effective means of communication.