New apartment community in Richmond saying “NO” to tobacco

By: Aranisse Chism


            The Richmond community can expect a breath of fresh air with the recent opening of Link Apartments Manchester.

Based out of North Carolina under Grubb Property Management, the apartment building is the first residential community in Richmond that does not allow smoking tobacco anywhere on the premises.

The building is also “going green.” According to Assistant Manager Mary Hastings, Link Apartments is socially conscious and wants to be as green as possible.

“The company is going for the National Association of Homebuilder’s Award and in order to do so we must be completely ‘green’ and environmentally conscious,” says Hastings.

The building, which opened a month ago, features Energy Star appliances aimed to lower water bills and save energy. Hastings believes that having a non-smoking apartment building in a city that is historically known for tobacco will be a challenge but will benefit the community.