No hobnobbing, Homeland only solution: Dr Agnishaker

 Jammu, April 17 (Scoop News) -    Panun Kashmir (PK) the organization of Kashmiri Pandits today once again reiterated its demand for separate homeland in Kashmir valley for the displaced Pandit community, saying it is the only viable solution to their plight.


PK convener Dr Agnishekhar while talking to  Scoop News today said that Pandit  community has endured lot of hardships and only a separate space in Kashmir is the permanent solution to their plight.

Dr. Agnishekhar expressed his serious concern over the recent hobnobbing of certain individuals and some some  affiliates of   All India Kashmiri Samaj with the separatist leaders like Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Omar Farooq in Srinagar  over the Issue of return  of Kashmiri Pandits to the valley.


He warned such individuals and groups not to take the hapless Kashmiri Pandit community for granted.


Dr Agnishaker said that these individuals have no mandate to enter into any negotiations  with  the separatists on behalf of the community so far as their permanent geo-political return to the  Kashmir Valley  is concerned. He asked these individuals, to make public the jointly signed  reported memorandum  of  understanding  and the copy of which has been reportedly sent  to New Delhi through one  Delhi – based Civil- Society activist .It has generated a lot of resentment among the community that such thing should have happened . The community has a right to know the the persons who have put their signatures on this document.


PK chief also asked  All India Kashmiri Samaj President  Moti Kaul to clear his stand over this issue of  lobbying and hobnobbing  with the separatists  by  his affiliates and some individuals as they have reportedly  rejected  homeland demand of Panun Kashmir and pleaded  with  Hurriat leaders  for allowing them to have a  Satellite  twin city  for  Kashmiri Pandits in the valley which has been recently  proposed by AIKS.


National Cordinator Panun Kashmir Sanjay Dattatrey  said that the 23- year old  KP struggle  has entered a crucial phase where all -out efforts are being made  at the

best of agencies and the powers that be to dilute the  Homeland demand of Kasshmiri Pandits by towing the line of pro-establishment.

The community has no option but to reject out -rightly the vested interests within the community and remain watchful against  all those who  attempt to damage the larger community interests as a whole which has far reaching wider ramifications for generations to come.