NPP challenges Kashmiri leaders for public debate on Resolution on J&K


New Delhi/ammu, January 05 (Scoop News) –The Panthers Party Founder & Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh who is a renowned jurist & human rights activist has thrown challenge to Farooq Abdullah’s National Conference, Geelani’s Jamat-e-Islami and even Congress & BJP leaders to dare join on a common platform to debate the so-called stinking UN Resolution of 13th August, 1948 & 5th January, 1949 and leave it for the people of the entire State to decide who was right and who was wrong. Prof. Bhim Singh challenged that he is prepared to join any leader from both sides of the State of J&K at any venue in India or in Pakistan or in POK or in Gilgit.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that it was Pakistan which had blatantly defied the UN Resolution of 5th January, 1949 by annexing 32,000 sq. miles of India’s Territory in J&K which included the Territory named by Pakistan as ‘Gilgit-Baltistan’. On the other hand Pakistan in total defiance of the UN Resolutions surrendered 5,000 sq. miles of Territory in Karakoram region of Gilgit by an illegal agreement signed in 1963 between the then Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the then Chinese Foreign Minister, Mr. Chou-en-Lai. This usurpation of State Territory by Pakistan instead of vacating the State Territory was the climax of defiance of the UN Resolutions, the implementation of which the NC and Jamat leaders continue to advocate to exploit the innocent people.

Prof. Bhim Singh added that Pakistan is projecting POK as ‘Azad Kashmir’ which is centered only in a small occupied area measuring 4,600 sq. miles comprising Muzaffrabad, Kotli, Bhimber, Mirpur and a part of Poonch District which were part of Jammu province till 1947.

Pakistan violated UN Resolution dozen times since 1949. Pakistan invaded J&K via Poonch in 1965. Pakistan signed Tashkent Agreement in 1966 where India lost her heroic Prime Minister, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. Pakistan never raised a word of UN Resolution in Tashkent. India committed a blunder by returning Hazi Peer to Pakistan which was a strategic point from Defence strategy.

Instead of withdrawing her Armies and civilians from all the territories which were settled by Pakistan in and after 1947, Pakistan committed aggression after aggression with an attempt to consolidate its position.