NPP Chief warns Kashmiri leadership on their anti-Delimitation stand


Jammu,September 10 (Scoop News)- Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party and Member, National Integration Council warned the Kashmiri leadership on their highly prejudiced, anti-people and undemocratic stand on the process of Delimitation in J&K. He accused National Conference for its anti-Dogra bias and the hatred this party has been spreading against the Dogras right since 1946 when backed by the Congress party it started hateful campaign against the Dogras with the shameful slogan of ‘Quit Kashmir’. It sounded as if the Dogras were foreigners and Kashmir Valley was the personal property of National Conference. Since 1946 till this day the great Dogras including Muslims, Sikhs and others living in Jammu Pradesh have been subjected to humiliation, insults, discrimination and what not.

This was NC and Congress leadership in the Valley which abetted in the process of keeping Jammu Pradesh divided. This was Nehru-Sheikh alliance which did not allow the great Indian Army to liberate POK and Gilgit-Baltistan when Indian Army was ready to liberate Pak-occupied areas of J&K in 1947/48. This was the Congress and NC leadership which allowed Mirpur and Gilgit to fall much after the state had acceded to the Union of India and a month later then the arrival of the Indian Army.

Prof. Bhim Singh in a warning note to the Kashmiri leadership ask them to decide whether they want to live as equal with the people of Jammu Pradesh because the new generation of Jammu Pradesh shall not allow the Kashmiri leadership to behave as colonial masters which they have been doing since 1947.

Prof. Bhim Singh called on the legislators to take up the Delimitation issue the day so-called Assembly session starts in Srinagar on 1st October, 2012 just to complete the constitutional formality. NPP Chief said that Delimitation of J&K is the basic, political and constitutional right of the people of the state to undo the existing discrimination just to keep Kashmir Valley on the throne of Kashmir to suck the blood of the innocent helpless and suffering people of Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh. Prof. Bhim Singh asked the legislators to justify that there is no Delimitation of Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies in J&K, why?

Kashmir Valley has 46 MLAs, Jammu Pradesh with double the area and population equal to the Valley has only 37. Why?

Keran in Kupwara District has been annexed with the Karnah Assembly Constituency when there is no geographical connection between the two. Karnah is cut off for six months from the rest of the Valley for weather reasons. There is no communication between Keran and Karnah. Yet it is one constituency. Why? Only to dilute the strength of the Paharies.

Four halqa patwars of Kargil having no geographical or political affiliation with Zanskar have been tagged with Zanskar Assembly only to dilute the Buddhists majority. Can anybody justify?

Four halqa patwars of District Reasi have been annexed with the Chenani Assembly Constituency having no geographical or political connection. Four patwars of Reasi are 100 miles away from the Chenani. Is it not a shame on the face of the rulers that this has been manipulated only to bring Chenani under reserved category?

Jethana, a small neglected Ireland is more than 100 miles away from Billawar constituency. No road connection yet Jethana is in Billawar constituency. A shame.

The law laid down is clear that Assembly constituencies shall remain within one district only. There are more than 30 Assembly constituencies spread in two districts e.g. Samba, Chenani, Hiranagar, Kulgam, Anantnag and others.

There are seven Scheduled Castes reserved Assembly constituencies in the state and all of them are situated in Jammu Pradesh. It was in 1996 that seven constituencies in Jammu Pradesh were declared reserved. The reservation has completed 16 years and they shall continue till 2040. Which means the same Assembly constituencies shall remain reserved for 44 years without rotation. What does this mean? A civil war or a political revolt against the power that be responsible for discrimination, anarchy, corruption and chaos. Who shall be responsible if people rise in revolt to seek justice from the colonial masters?

The NPP Chief has appealed to the legislators of J&K to read the writings on the wall that the people are not going to digest injustice any more. The legislators shall be a doing a justice to themselves and to the people of the state by adopting an urgent amendment in the rules and the law to go for Delimitation of the Assembly constituencies as census has already been completed in 2011 and J&K did not have Delimitation since 1995. If Kashmiri rulers failed to understand this simple language this shall have to face the consequences. The NPP Chief sounded this warning with a hope that good sense will prevail on the legislators to save the state from a disaster.