Obama Splits Up Nebraska’s Electoral Votes

At the end of Election Day on November 4, Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois was elected the 44th United States President of America. Obama is still a senator until Sunday, when he plans to officially vacate his seat. Obama had won by a landslide victory over GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona.

However, there are maybe one or two states that are still tallying up the votes. In regards to Nebraska, Obama won one electoral vote. Nebraska would net a total of five electoral votes. So far, Obama had somewhat split Nebraska’s electoral votes. He had received one while McCain had received four.

This is the first time in Nebraska’s history that electoral votes have been split. Nebraska and Maine are the only states that divide up electoral votes. Technically, Obama will be the first Democrat since then-President Lyndon B. Johnson to win electoral votes in Nebraska.

The concept of splitting electoral votes went into effect via a 1991 state law.

Even though it was one electoral vote that went to Obama, there is a lot of historical significance present as a result. Also, this was one electoral vote that Obama’s campaign had aggressively hunted after. This is another electoral vote that can be added onto the electoral votes Obama has won.

Missouri is still counting votes.