ODM Party Launches Manifesto

ODM party has officially launched its manifesto at Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani today, with pledges to eradicate chronic poverty being top on the agenda.
The ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga said that the recorded economic growth was only felt among the rich.
He criticised Kibaki for his failure to owner his promises in 2002 of zero tolerance to corruption and the new constitution dispensation.
He said that ODM was determined to deliver a new constitution within the first six months basing on the bomas draft.
Raila noted the increasing regional disparity and promised to enact devolution, a system that will ensure equity in the distribution of national resources.
He emphasized that his government shall ensure infrastructural development which is key to opening room to regional development.If elected, the ODM government has pledged to create the Ministry of Social Programmes that will tackle poverty eradication. Subsequently, a special ministry will be created to deal with issues of marginalised areas of Northern Kenya.
Raila promised women affirmative action where his government shall ensure a minimum of 30% representation in parliament.The ODM government shall also make Nairobi an economic hub that operates in 24 hours. Other key issues in the ODM manifesto were: free quality secondary education, enhanced security and free health care for children under 5 years.