Olive Oil Is Dynamite For Skin And Hair Use

Commentary: People I’ve discovered the benefits of using olive oil for my skin, body and hair, and believe me, it does work great. I had read numerous articles some time ago about its great benefits but I never took the time to actually try it because I had a different regimen I believed in and I didn’t want to take the time to research its benefits.

I have since reviewed several Internet sites about its benefits and I did some research to find out it was used as an ancient beauty secret thousands of years ago. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used it long ago as a skin care product.

Olive oil contains Vitamin E which enhances elasticity of the skin and it contains oleic acid too which aids in softening skin and improving the appearance of rough hands and feet. I’ve been using it now for a little more than a month and I cannot believe the difference in my face, hands, and body. Since I’m a senior I also supplement my face and hands with a dose of Retinol Day Cream with SPF-20 along with 400,000 I.U.’s Vitamin A.

I scrub my entire face and body with a soft brush before applying the olive oil which rids the body of excess dead skin. I’ve seen a big difference in the dry skin on my legs and feet because the oil leaves  a lasting moisturizer on my skin. It works wonders as a healing agent, for stretch marks and scars, scar tissue, scrapes and acne scarring. I’m truly impressed with its benefits and I do recommend it to people.

I’ve learned through various articles that olive oil is a deep conditioner for the hair too. A person can mix water and olive oil together, shaking it thoroughly before working it through the hair and then rinsing in luke warm water. People will see a difference in their scalp and their hair. Here’s a tip, don’t use too much oil in the mix or hair will appear oily and dirty. 

There are other uses olive oil can benefit a person and this is as a massage oil, soaking treatment, strengthening of nails and cuticles.

If readers decide to use these treatments, I hope they’ll be as impressed with it as I am.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article.

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