Omar Abdulla’s Govt., a security risk

New Delhi/Jammu, December 22 (Scoop News) "The J&K Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah got terribly exposed yesterday while by addressing a sponsored press conference seeking excuses to bail out himself and his government from the blunders and omissions of his government during the past nearly four years while running a minority government with the crutches of the Congress." Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief of National Panthers Party said in New Delhi while reacting to the utterances of J&K Chief Minister during the press conference in the Press Club of India.

The NPP Chief Patron cautioned the Congress leadership on their dubious role in supporting Omar Abdullah on the one hand and on the other trying to exploit the people of the state by invoking the role of opposition in the state. The Panthers Party leader said that Omar Abdullah and his ministers loathed with corruption, criminal activities, land grabbing, favourtism and rigging have lost the public confidence and support and therefore the Governor has no alternative but to invoke Section 92 of the Constitution of J&K as the government is not functioning according to the mandate of the Constitution.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that Omar Abdullah has started repeating the past history which his grandfather and father had been manipulating by accusing the Centre on every blunder committed by the government of J&K. Here, he said, that the fraud of EVMs manipulation by securing 98% votes has been exposed. Now Farooq Abdullah like in the past has picked up another excuse of ‘unmarked graves’ and the Armed Forces Special Powers Act to divert the attention of the suffering Kashmiries from his corrupt, inefficient and rigged government. Prof. Bhim Singh demanded that all the bunkers of CRPF around Chief Minister and Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s house should be removed forthwith and that is the universal demand of every Kashmiri.

Prof. Bhim Singh also expressed displeasure on the attitude of the Congress party and the Central government in supporting a corrupt government only to share power in order to share the loot by the state.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that Reorganization of J&K is the only solution to provide political freedom to the people of all the three regions, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh. 63 years old dynasty rule in J&K must end and that is the agenda of the Panthers Party for 2013 as well.