One God with may names


As each of the cults believed in the unity of God (one God with many names) they stressed monotheism, they taught the concept of forgetting the differeces. They taught people to lead a life of mutual respect and love. This movemet helped the poulation of the idea of humanisim. It created awakeing against superstition ad religious bigotry.  

Indian religion and culture witessed a resurgece as a result.

The saints composed Kirtanas ad Bhajans in spoken laguage of the peoiple like Kannada, Tamil, Hindiu, Marathi, Gujarathi and Bengali.

 Born in the Royal family of Mirabai was married to a prince of Chitore. But she shook off her wordly shackles and gave up family life. Saint Raidas initiated her to Krishna Bhakti ad she cosidered Giridhara Gopala (Lord Krishgna) alone as her husband. She composed Kirtanas (poems) in praise of Krishna, describing his personality and actions and sung them melodiously. Her devotioal sogs are pouplar evgen today.

Other Bhaktri cults- in this beack ground warkari cult which cetered round Vithala (Vishnu) of Pandharapur, grew in Maharashtra. Jnaadev, Tukaram, Namdev and Sakkubai composed devotional sogs in Marathi. In Karsnataka Puradarasa, Kanakadasa were devotee saints. Kanakadasa also composed an epic poem callked `Mohana Tarangini’.

In Maharashtra, it provided the social backgroud that helped Shivaji’s political activities.