One of the most amazing things a dolphin can do is to make talking sounds

Dolphins are among those very few water animals that are friendly with human beings. They share many qualities with men. No doubt, dolphins live in water and swim with their fins. They look like fish and swim like them, but they are no fish. They are whales, small whales. They must stick their heads out of water to breathe. Otherwise, they would drown. They also have a special hole on top of their heads for blowing the air in and out. Some dolphins are called bottle –nosed dolphins because their nose is shaped like the neck of a bottle.  

 Dolphins are very helpful to men. There are many stories of dolphins using their heads to bump swimmers in trouble to the shore. Some times they guide boats and ships too by moving ahead of them through dangerous spots.

 Scientists are trying to prove that dolphins have a brain like that of human beings, rather a more complicated one. That is why they understand human behavior and respond to it through friendship. Like human beings, dolphins also want to live in company. It would be strange to see a dolphins swimming by it.

 Dolphins travel together. They slide down the weaves made by ships or rolling on their sides in the foam. And if they see an injured dolphin under water, they sometimes nudge it to the top so that it can get air to breathe.

 One of the most amazing things a dolphin can do is to make talking sounds. They make more different kids of sounds than dose any other animal. Some scientists have made efforts to teach dolphins the language of human beings and have been successful. They are also trying to decode the language of the dolphins.

 Dolphins are like us in one more respect; they suffer from diseases like isolation, strain, distress and heart-break. Most probably, isolation was the cause of the tragic death of all the three dolphins in the Chennai Park. Perhaps these intelligent animals do not like the captivity of the parks. They are the animals of the ocean and want to live only in the ocean amidst their own social groups.