Online Pornography Growing in Bangladesh

Dhaka, May 18: A few days ago, there was a big dispute about a series of nude photos featuring a girl. This girl is a member of a very respectable family in Bangladesh. Her photo on the internet was unexpected and shocking for her family. Viewers of the photos said that the boyfriend of the girl took these, few of the pictures even show both of them in intimate positions.

Pornography has now become a common, but unexpected issue in Bangladesh. Most pornographic photos/clips are shot using hidden cameras where the girls are not even aware of them. Multimedia mobile phones are used to shoot and save these photos and videos.

In Bangladesh, one doesn’t need to buy pornographic movies from shops anymore. There are more than ten pornographic websites exclusively made with Bangladeshi content.

Surprisingly, (not real address) is the top ranked web portal of Bangladesh. This is a site made for Bangladeshis. Anyone visiting the site can store pornographic photos, clips and stories in it. This development is causing severe conflict in the culture and traditional ethics of the Bangladeshi people.

Dr. Rahnuma Ahmed, a famous anthropologist in Bangladesh, says, girls are the main victims of cyber pornography. They need to be more aware about this issue because awareness can eliminate the possibility of becoming a victim of explicit photo or video clips.

M. Shoeb Chowdhury, the president of SkyBD (internet service Provider Company), says, “Our government is not taking adequate steps to fight cyber pornography. The government needs to implement cyber laws more strictly.”

Cyber pornography can destroy a girl’s life. Ethically these things must not be allowed. It can cause problems in the life of an individual, his family and the society he lives in. The government needs to strengthen cyber laws. These social criminals need to be punished. (Retouched)

Photo: Collected