Only God Can Decide

Abortion, Euthanasia (mercy killing, assisted suicide), Suicide, Organ Donors, Emergency DNR (Do Not Resusitate)

Could these be decisions Almighty God has already decided is right and best? I could never, and would never, presume to think for Almighty God.

I am incapable of ever knowing exactly what is on God’s mind, unless God through His Holy Spirit, decides to speak with me on any given subject, and even then, unless God completely reveals all of His thinking on any given topic with me, so that I am fully informed, I should say little or nothing but keep inquiring and asking more of God’s knowledge and wisdom.

I also realize that God does not impart his knowledge and wisdom only to the person asking the question at that particular time, but may have imparted it to many others before. This is why I am proposing this question.

As I said earlier, God does not just impart His knowledge and wisdom to just one person that is why many "Sects" of "Christianity" have begun to openly express their interpretations concerning this topic of controversy.

The Roman Catholic Church has reversed its decision that "Suicide" is any longer considered as "Murder".

Stating that the person commiting such an act, was not in their right mind at the time, therefore they were unable to comprehend their actions, or to legally decide right from wrong. In other words they could not form intent.

The Roman Catholic Church has also come out in agreement that being an organ donor, and the right of the organ donor to choose to declare themselves DNR (Do Not Recusitate) is in accordance with scripture quoting:

JOHN: 15:13 KJV:

 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Various other "Sects" of "Christianity" have also argued that if a person suffering from an incurable disease, whereby that person’s quality of life? is at the point whereby not only are they needlessly suffering in pain but were also incapable of sustaining life except by a resusitator, in otherwords their bodily organs had ceased to function and only their brain was alive, then it was okay to pull the plug and let them slip away peacefully.

Lastly, those outside of "Christianity" and all of its various "Sects" have argued that Abortion and the woman’s right to control what happens within her body is between her, her physician, and her creator.

Christianity and most of society believe that Abortion is murder and unlawful, but how about a miscarriage.

What if it is an intentional accident to get rid of the unborn and unwanted fetus, rather than some medical difficulty?

God teaches us that death comes at His hands. Ask any Christian and they will tell you that when someone dies, it is because "It was their time and God has called them back to Himself.

This brings me back to my question:

Is it possible that these forms of death were already pre-determined and pre-chosen by Almighty God?

In my summary I leave you more food for thought.

If only God determines when it is time for us to return to him in heaven, then why is there so much bantering back and forth be it in the courts of the land, or in the governmental legislatures over this? Do they not realize that they are not going to change God’s stand in all of this?