Oscars 2013: Everything You Need to Know

 One of the biggest events in pop culture each year is the Oscars Award show, an annual event that celebrates film and cinema.  The show is officially called the Academy Awards, at which small iconic golden statues are given to actors, actresses, producers, directors, and animators who have had particular outstanding achievements during the last calendar year.  A big attraction to the award show is the fashion, at which many beautiful, elegant, and sometimes daring dresses are worn by the most famous guests to the event.  Lots of buzz has already been building around the event, and people simply can’t wait to watch the show to see the red carpet as well as see if their favorite events are bestowed with awards.

Fashion Frenzy on the Red Carpet
Stylists and designers have been working for the past several months to prepare shocking outfits for the awards ceremony, especially for those guests who are up for awards on Oscar Night.  Look for the clients of Rachel Zoe, such as Anne Hathaway, to make daring statements on the red carpet.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie never fail to stun in classic attire for the Oscars.  Look for fantastic outfits from George Clooney, Meryl Streep, and Naomi Watts.  Be sure to tune in to fashion follow-up programs to watch experts dish on their favorite – and worst favorite – outfits of the star-studded night.

Oscar Predictions for Best Films
There are many great films that have come out in the last year, including Argo, Lincoln, and the Life of Pi.  Django Unchained has caused a lot of controversy, as director Quentin Tarantino’s films tend to do, because of the kind of language used in the film.  Les Miserables is also up for an award, in part because of the stellar cast and also because of the wonderful musical renditions that were featured in the film – and for this, many are predicting that this film will win the most awards.  Other films that are also up for the award of Best Film include Zero Dark Thirty, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Silver Linings Playbook.

A less popular category for best cinematic productions is the Best Animated Film category. Wreck-It Ralph and ParaNorman are two of the favorites in this category.  Some other fantastic films are also included in this category, like Brave, Frankenweenie, and The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

Though American films are the ones that tend to get the most attention, a lot of captivating cinematic adventures are up for awards this year in the Foreign Films category.  The Gatekeepers, 5 Broken Cameras, The Invisible War, Searching for Sugarman, and How to Survive a Plague have been selected for review this year.

Actors and Actresses:  Who’ll Get an Oscar Nod?
Daniel Day Lewis is expected to win the Lead Actor category, while Jennifer Lawrence is expected to win in the Lead Actress category.  Many think that Anne Hathaway and Tommy Lee Jones will win in the Supporting Actor and Actress categories.  

Other Awards to Tune In For
Steven Spielberg, certainly not a stranger to the Oscars scene, is predicted to win in the Director category.  The Best Costume Award is expected to go to the team for the Anna Karenina film, and the Best Original Score Award is predicted to be handed to the team with The Life of Pi.  The Hobbit is expected to win in the category of Best Makeup.  Although the process of predicting the winners is a lot of fun, you’ll have to wait until February 24, 2013 when you can watch the award show to find out the final results.

Guest post by contributing author, Linda Michelle. Linda currently represents Prints On Wood a large-format print company.