Pain Management and Relief with the Neuro-linguistic Programming Method

Pain can be defined as a discomfort of the body or mind,that can range from slight, localized aching to torment.There are available various treatments, including narcotic and non-narcotic pain medicines, cognitive behavioral therapy, vibrational and energy healing techniques, guided visualization and distraction techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and hypnosis.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is focusing on changing the unwanted behaviors and beliefs in order to help eliminate the things that block your abilities to function and to achieve the overall wellness by personal acceptance.The system explores, illustrates, and teaches patterns of human perception and information processing, behavior, and communication.

NLP has been materialized in its final stage during the studyes made on hypnotherapy by Milton H. Erickson, whose ability to alleviate pain was studied by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in one of NLP’s first books (1975). In 1850, the English surgeon James Esdaile (1957) demonstrated that hypnosis could be used in order to remove the acute pain of major surgery,as it was having an effect comparable to chemical anesthesia.

‘Neuro’ is about the functions of the brain. ‘Linguistic‘is foscused on the interaction of the language with the brain. The word "Programming" defines the way we can use this connection in order to achieve our goals. NLP represents a middle way between cognitive and behavioral science.

Language and words are directly responsables of the way we perceive ourselves, the things around us and the others. NLP offers some possibilities for improuving the individuals,by helping them to adapt to an ever-shifting inner world. NLP is about understanding and modelling our goals and thoughts in a realistic way, so that we can achieve them.

A main condition is the positive self-talk that can be achieved by an attitude adjustment.
The skin, muscles, bones and other tissues have nerve cells, with endings that are called nociceptors.These endings are connected throw their nerve cells ,into the spinal cors, to the brain.From the large number of messages received by the brain, only some of them have priority enough to be sent.

The pain has always priority .When the messages that contain the ‘pain’signal are sended in the same time with the ones that contain safe and pleasant experiences, the first message will be classified as irrelevant and won’t reach the brain.

Some activityes as exercises or any other positive experiences are releasing some natural body chemicals called endorphins that are natural painkillers. The role of the endorphins is to reduce the pain signals long before they reach the cerebral cortex and register them consciously.

But there are cases when the pain persists for over six months and it is called chronic pain.It is responsable for an abnormality of the brain that can be localised using PET (positron emission tomography).

Medicine is one of the ways we can use in order to relieve the pain by using non-narcotic drugs, such as Advil or Aspirin or Narcotic medicines as morphine and codeine that can create addiction if they are used for long periods as pain management strategies.

Another technique is by using distraction or guided visualization.It is about using a visual image by the individuals in order to release them from the hurt they are experiencing.

One of the most disputed ways is represented by the traditional hypnosis that helps people to obtain relief from many chronic problems: migraines, headaches or neck pain.The hypnosis session starts with the induction of a relaxing state by the hypnotherapist that instructs the client to focus on some enjoyable activities or memories,using the diversion for achieving the patient’s pain relief or gaining personal control of their situations.

Hypnotherapy is also used as an addional help during anesthesia.The procedure is called hypnoanesthesia.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is best used to treat the persons who are suffering because their low self confidence or to those that are thinking critically or analytically.It is used the ‘Flash’ methode that assists the people to educate their negative thoughts by focusing on things that are producing comfortable feelings .
Both Neuro-Linguistic programming and hypnosis are using natural methods of pain relief- both physical and psychological pain.

There is a large number of ways used in order to help people achieve their goals or learn about how to control their negative thoughts and pain: Reiki, Bio-TouchTM, Laying-on of Hands, Hypnosis, NLP , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.Vibrational & Energy Healing Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Training, Re-engineering Emotional GeneticsTM (R.E.G. Coaching), Transactional Analysis and Logo Therapy.breathing practices/yoga/meditation/art therapy/positional release therapy for chronic pain.EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).