Panun Kashmir welcomes Dr Farooq’s statement on miserable condition of KP’s

Jammu, January 8(Scoop News) – Panun Kashmir today welcomed the statement of President, National Conference Dr Farooq Abdulla’s on the miserable condition of displaced Kashmiri Pandits.


In a Statement Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir said that we appreciate the belated concern shown by Dr. Farooq Abdullah, President, National Conference in his recent statement in respect of the miserable condition of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits, living in exile, and the far reaching dimensions of genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass exodus, the tone of his statement is simply a cold comfort for the beleaguered Kashmiri Pandit community.
What Dr. Abdullah has said regarding ethnic cleansing and mass exodus and its consequences is not anything new. The utterly inhuman treatment meted out to the Pandits by the Muslim fundamentalists of Kashmir , tacitly approved by the majority Muslim sympathizers and looked upon with utter indifference and apathy by the state government of the day has already been taken cognizance of by the accredited national and international institutions,Ashwani said..

He said that It needs to be emphasized that the ‘conditional nationalism’ as propounded by the National Conference all along has been instrumental in encouraging the execution of the historical intent of ethnic cleansing in Kashmir .

Prof. M.L.Raina Chairman, Political Affairs Committee., in a statement said that though the admittance of ethnic cleansing of the Pandit community by Dr. Abdullah is not too little and is definitely too late yet mere ‘forgiveness’ cannot take the community out of the ruts of despondency and misery. The statement of Dr. Abdullah has served only to open up the raw wounds of the Pandits of Kashmir, reminding them of the atrocities inflicted upon them in Kashmir . It has brought back alive the nightmarish and horrific days and nights of 1989-90 when terrorism and fundamentalism were allowed to rule the roost in the valley of Kashmir , resulting in the mass exodus of the community.

Virender Raina National Spokesperson, in his statement said that the issue of resettlement of the displaced community in Kashmir cannot be resolved by merely ‘asking for forgiveness’ or the so-called ‘economic packages of the government’. This issue has been dealt thoroughly by the Kashmiri Pandit community over the last two decades. The Pandits under the aegis of recognized platforms have already formulated the return module which is generally known as the Demand of Homeland. The establishment of Homeland in Kashmir for the Kashmiri Pandits is the only way out for a permanent resettlement of the community in Kashmir which leaves no scope for further bouts of exodus. The younger generations of Kashmiri Pandits are far from ‘hatred’ and ‘extremism’ and have shown resilience in their period of exile by their patience, hard work and merit. However, it is the younger generation which has repeatedly affirmed firm faith in the demand of Homeland in the valley of Kashmir as enunciated in the Margdarshan Resolution of 1991. Though the Kashmiri Pandits cannot forget the facts of history but can think in terms of ‘forgiveness’ once their demand of Homeland is fulfilled.