Parents Are Their Children’s Worse Enemy

I’ve heard people talk about their friends and families children being spoiled to the point of being disgusting to be around. It’s my belief children need to feel loved by their parents and grand-parents too because it provides them a feeling of being loved and cared about. When children are shown love by their families, it builds security, self-confidence, self-esteem, and character too.

I’m not suggesting that parents and grand-parents give-in to their children’s and grand-children’s ever whim by showering them with gifts, money, and any other form of indulgences but children do need to know they’re loved.

When parents express unconditional love for their children it is not spoiling them, but if we continually dote on them and provide them with everything imaginable, we’re definitely spoilers and ruining them at the same time. Parents who are spoilers on a regular basis children tend to expect this form of treatment from everyone they’re associated with.  

Parents need to teach their children to earn what they get and to be aware money is hard to earn and it’s not given unless it’s earned. Children who work hard for what they get, they’ll appreciate and take care of it too. 

There are parents and grand-parents who have a tendency to show preferential treatments to a child over another child/children and this is a tragedy waiting to happen. Parents/grand-parents who do this cause them to harbor resentment and disrespect for them and their sibling too.

It’s vital for parents/grand-parents to never show preferential treatment or a different type of love for one child over another. These type actions are never forgotten by a them and they’ll allow it to manifest and grow to cause them problems throughout their life.

When child/children feel left out, this causes them to conjure up hate and distrust for everyone. They’ll begin to hate their parents, other siblings, and other people too. They’ll begin to believe they’ll never be a star in their parents eyes regardless of what they do.

I’d like to pose a question for parents/grand-parents, "How can child/children feel loved when they’re treated differently?" 

Children who are treated differently by others retreat into a shield of protection where they’ll not allow anyone to hurt them again. When they mature into adults, they’ll shutout the world and begin to live like a scorned dog throughout their lives.

Many times I’ve thought, "What has happened to the people in our world, are they crazy or what? I also realize they’re scorned people who have been treated differently by their families.


Sole writer Barbara Kasey Smith – lessons learned.