PDP a uniform force to unite all regions of State: Mufti

Jammu, December 17 (Scoop News)–Exhorting workers to aggressive pursue agenda of the party, patron of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammad Sayeed today said PDP has to become a uniform force to unite all the regions and sub-regions of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  He said that PDP has already played a historical role in reviving people’s faith in democracy and the party has emerged as only alternative of the National Conference in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions.

Addressing one day convention of party workers of Jammu province, Mufti said that the PDP had translated its promises into realities so people of the State have high hopes from our party and it is duty of the party workers to come up to the expectations of the common masses.

“PDP through its works has earned credibility of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the masses are looking towards PDP to get their aspirations addressed”, he observed and added that people have realized that only PDP has the vision and conviction to solve their problems. He mentioned towards recent results of the Legislative Council elections in which PDP has emerged as alternative of coalition alliance in the whole State.  

“Formation of PDP in the year 1999 was turning point in the history of Jammu and Kashmir because in short span of time, PDP has earned credibility of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the party has emerged as biggest political force of the state”, he said.

 “From 1947 to 2002, NC had never allowed strengthening of democratic institutions in the State because instability in the State suits this party”, he observed and asserted that PDP has challenged domination of NC and changed    political discourse of the State through its visionary and pro-peace policies.

“By translating its promises into realities, PDP in a short span of time had earned faith and credibility of the people”, he said, adding, “Unlike other political parties PDP has never bartered aspirations of the people of State for enjoying power”. He said that the tenure of the PDP led regime was historic period in the political history of the State because that government had succeeded in involving people in the governance. “Before 2002, people had no faith in the democracy or democratic institutions it was only after 2002 assembly peoples’ faith in such institutions were restored”, he said.

He recalled that when PDP was formed there was a sense of fear and insecurity among the people. “Through its pro-peace agenda PDP had not only created a sense of security among the people but also restored dignity of the common masses by pioneering and implementing peace and reconciliation policies”,  he said and added that the healing touch policy implemented by PDP led regime in the state had given encouraging results.

 “Politics of our party is not only to attain power. Aim of our party is to restore lasting peace in this region and to establish a system where every section of the society would get justice and equal opportunities for development and economic growth”, he said.

Stating that Jammu and Kashmir has become a victim of trust deficit between people of the state and rest of the country, he asserted that PDP, through its policies and programmes would remove their trust deficit. He said that PDP led regime to some extent had removed that trust deficit through its work.