PDP agitates, terms ban on Facebook, You Tube a draconian step


Srinagar, October 04 (Scoop News) -    Taking a strong exception to unannounced ban on social networking sites like Facebook and You Tube, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today asked the government to come clean on the issue.


While taking up the issue in Legislative Assembly today, Mehbooba Mufti, president Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) termed the ban a harsh and draconian step calculated by the government to further confine and corner state’s youth for expressing their feelings.


She said the ‘ban’ on Facebook and You Tube has been imposed by the state government under the garb of preventing dissemination of anti Islam video on internet.


Mehbooba said the social networking sites are the only connecting link between the youth of the state studying and working outside and their families. “There were protests outside the state in other parts of the country on the anti Islam movie but nowhere such harsh and draconian steps were taken by any of the state governments like Chennai, Haryana etc,” she observed.


Mehbooba termed the matter “very serious” and demanded the government to come out with the facts in order to clear the confusion vis-à-vis the ban on the social networking sites in the state. “Banning these sites in Jammu and Kashmir is a calculated move as telecommunication companies providing such services say of the record that they have been forced by state government to block access to such sites,” she said.


The PDP president remarked that the youth of Kashmir have been confined to their homes, and social networking sites act as a platform for them to express their anger and give vent to their feelings. “Instead of encouraging the youth to express their opinions on these sites, you are provoking them to come to streets by banning Short Messaging Services (SMS), blocking access to Facebook and You Tube. You should understand that everything has advantage and disadvantage as well. I don’t think people in other parts of the country can accept such harsh and draconian measures. They will surely resist such a draconian move,” she said, adding that despite witnessing casualties on the anti Islam movie, nowhere such harsh steps were taken to restrict peoples’ right of expression.