PDP introduced correctives to JK political system:Mehbooba

Jammu, November 19 (Scoop News) – President of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mehbooba Mufti has said the arrival of PDP on the scene has introduced some much needed correctives into the political system of the state.

Addressing public meetings in Khour Gali in Panchari area Reasi district and Krimichi in Udhampur district, the PDP president said this had not only ended single party monopoly on power but had promoted contest and competition in government formation which was the essence of democracy.

Mehbooba said for nearly four decades the National conference had enjoyed unchallenged power which had turned it into an arrogant and thoroughly corrupt agent of exploitation. “All regions of the state were adversely affected by its insensitive and inefficient rule but in absence of a credible alternative the party got away with its sins. The NC would make a mockery of governance with the confidence that whichever party people voted for power ultimately would fall in its lap. In a way this made the vote cast in favor of other parties valueless” Mehbooba said.

The PDP president said that her party with its increasing appeal in all regions and a shining record of performance as leading partner in the previous coalition with congress had established itself as the single and best alternative to change the present corrupt and inefficient system of governance. She said NC was for the first time in last 60 yrs facing a challenge to their unbridled power in the form of PDP and for the first time their double speak , misgovernance and corruption was getting exposed. She said having enjoyed absolute power for almost four decades, NC took people for granted, looted the state of its resources and indulged in worst kind of corruption.

Mehbooba said the party which came to power on the plank of development, jobs to 8th pass, free electricity to poor, 50 rupee reduction on the price of cooking gas cylinder etc has done everything contrary to those promises. On one hand, Mehbooba noted, NC has been pleading lack of resources for paying wages to daily wagers, casual labor in different departments, enhancing wages of SPOs, or continuation of NYC but on the other hand the government has been making back door appointments in large numbers. She said more than 300 people have been re employed on very highly paid posts by the present govt after their retirement, thus paying them salary in lacs every month. Though power tariff has gone up 4 times in the last 4 years of this govt for everyone including BPL families, electricity has become scarce putting people to trouble in severe summers and harsh winter.

Speaking on the occasion PDP general secretary Thakur Balbir Singh said that people of Jammu province have all along voted for BJP, Congress and other Jammu based parties but those parties could never become an alternative so as to be able to end the authoritarian and corrupt NC rule.



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