Peace Walk Held

 Peace walk Held, cutting of forest and  DPO Chitral criticized.

By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL:  A peace  walk was held leading by leaders of different political parties  and representatives of civil  societies. The walk started from Chitral Press club and ended at Polo ground gate where it converted in a public meeting. Politicians, human rights activists and social workers. The activists also chanted slogans against drug abuse and wanted for eradication of narcotics from Chitral causing for misleading the young generation. Earlier that a large number of politicians, human rights activist  demanded of the government to discourage the menace of drugs and illegal cutting of forest trees to save the environment in a huge press conference.
Addressing a news conference the leaders including  Maulana Abdul  Shakoor General Secretary of JUI Chitral chapter, Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Amir Jamat Islami Chitral, Muazam Khan, former MNA Maulana Abdul Akbar, former Mastuj tehsil nazim Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk, president of district bar association Ghulam Hazrat Inqilabi,  human rights activists Niaz A Niazi advocate President of Legal Aid Forum for Human Rights Abdul Nasir and other  said that District Police Officer badly failed to eradicate drugs and openly selling of narcotics at Chitral as a result paramilitary forces of Chitral cracked down against drug abuse. They said that cutting of forest also a great thread to Chitral because it causing of natural calamity and disaster in case of flood. They said while expressing their deep concerned that the ruthless cutting of trees is degenerating the environment on one hand while on the other the issue of proliferation of drugs is jeopardizing the youth folk.
They alleged that the local police is abetting the drug pushers as a result of which the menace has erupted the whole society and majority of young generation are drug addicted.  They also criticized the local police for arresting and sending to jail the people of Ayun village who had staged a peaceful protest against the cutting of the forests flanking the Kalash valleys.
They recalled that the village was devastated by mud flood as a result of deforestation in the Kalash valleys and the residents of Ayun just wanted that such incident should not happen in the future. They warned that the issues of drugs and deforestation are posing threat to the peace of the area. They demanded from the provincial government for posting out of DPO Chitral within 24 hours otherwise they will be came on roads they warned.  A

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