People Must Know God’s Love Before They Can Find True Love

Love is one of the greatest gifts offered to human life and people need to cherish, enjoy, and to consider it as a sacred reward given from God. The world would be a greater place to live if people expressed their love and understanding to each other. There would be no more wars, hatred, murders, and other devious wrong actions if people would express love and understanding to each other.

In 1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 7, God’s word tells people in great detail what love is, it gives a clear definition of God’s love for all people. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have another human being to love us like God loves us? Love offers patience, care, security, belief, continual love, honesty with each other, truth, hope, respect, and it ends all the greed, hate, rage, prideful ways, deceitfulness, and it dislikes conflicts and pain too. Love equals peace and happiness in people’s lives.

Are you aware how much God loves every one of us? His love is pure and never failing and He is forever for a person and never against them regardless of their sins. This is how God expects them to love others, and if they do, the world will be a much better place to live in. 

In Jeremiah 31: 3, God tells us His love for people is everlasting and for whoever they are and it will never change. It blesses my soul to know when I close my eyes at night that I know I am loved by God and He will never forsake me. Oft times when I feel alone and need a friend, I know God is there and He hears my prayers. 

Can you imagine how God felt when He gave up His only son Jesus Christ to be hung on a cross and crucified for the sins of people so they could be made clean and have eternal life? God’s word tells us in John 3: 16, "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but has everlasting life." What a reward this verse is to my heart and soul, knowing God loves me this way and He always will.

People when we realize the sacrifice God gave for every one of us and we confess our sins to Him and accept Jesus Christ into our lives, we’ll then know what true love actually is. When we come to this realization in our lives and accept Jesus Christ within our lives; God will forgive us of our sins and He’ll erase them too. God is the almighty and He cares about every one of us and wants us to know and to feel this same type of true love. (1 John 1: 9)

God strengthens people to be able to express and relay their love to others in the same manner, and if the person doesn’t know about God’s true love, they’ll not know the definition of true love in their life either. Wouldn’t it be wonderful living in a world where everyone loved each other?

I’ve often wondered how people in society view true love and if they’ve ever experienced it? Many people in society look at love as a form of living in a fantasy world of continual lust, sexual desire, and passion; and forgetting God’s stance about sex entirely. When people know and have accepted God into their lives, they’ll realize that sexual relations are sacred and should be for the special person in their lives.

God did not intend people to have sexual relations prior to marriage, He intended us to reserve sex for marriage and nothing more. Two people who are married build a bond and they grow through their sexual and intimate relationship with each other. They begin to feel a solid and secure love, one of caring, being honest, and having a real relationship with their spouse.

God grants people satisfaction within their married sexual unions and it helps a couple to grow, mature mentally and emotionally, to become wise, and to understand the needs of each other. A sexual relationship in marriages build a strong solid foundation in their married lives.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article and it is told in her words from the Holy Bible, King James Version, and in the New Testament, Verses as stated.