People Who Enjoy Sex and Then Loses Interest – Why?

There are many people who enjoy sex but all of a sudden they lose total interest and they don’t know what the problem is. They have a fear of confiding their problems with their partners and they don’t like discussing their sexual issues with other people either.

When a man or woman suffers with this type problem, they have a fear of losing them. They’re aware they can only fake their sexual desires for a period of time before they’re caught by them. They begin to run on scared emotions knowing they love their partner and they don’t want to lose them because of their lack of sexual desire.

Whether it’s a man or a woman suffering with these types of problems, they need to seek a professional doctor’s advice immediately. Men don’t become alarmed if you believe you’re losing your sexual ability, it’s more than likely a low testosterone level and once the level is back to normal you’ll be fine again.
People hormones do play a big role in both men and women’s sexual desires and it can be a simple matter of finding out the exact problem and then correcting it. I’m passing this information on to you because of past problems experienced in my many years of marriage.

Women also suffer from hormone issues and a doctor can help them with their conditions too. There are wonderful ways for doctors to treat these type situations and it could be as easy as wearing a hormone patch or by rubbing hormones into the body. Don’t allow a refusal to visit a professional rob you of your sex life.

There’s another problem that can affect your sexual desire too and it is being overweight. Overweight problems rob people’s sexual desires and leave a big couch potato napping all the time. Overweight issues zap people of their energy and desire to do anything. I’ve not seen a couch potato who has any drive or will to accomplish a thing. 

Here’s another major factor for decreasing a person’s sexual drive and it is depression. Depression can be in play and a person or their partner will not be aware that is their problem. This is where a professional doctor must be contacted and visted to eliminate their problem. Once a person is treated for their depression, they’ll find a complete renewal in life, and a desire to do things and to enjoy their sex life again.   

Here’s a few tips that’ll revive your relationship/marriage and work miracles in your life. Start flirting and dating your partner like you once did; every person on this earth likes to be romanced and shown considerations, affections and love. Many people suffer from what I call, "newness wears off syndrome," and they begin to ignore their partner and never show them any forms of fore play.  

A loving partner should always buy their mate a small gift, take them away for a romantic week-end, dish out some warm kisses and hugs, and show them a sincere love and they are special to them. This will send sexual desires up the ladder for a successful relationship, bringing their sexual experiences to a "reality." 

Don’t allow yourself to get in a boring rut in your relationship…keep spice in your lovemaking and never forget to express your love. It’s my opinion what the problem is in most marriages/relationships is people get too lazy and do not show any form of affections and desires to their partner.

A player(s) must be an initiator and it does take two people to work at showing loving affections, desire, and to keep a fire burning within; otherwise, people will lose interest in sex. 

People we must keep our emotions and affections in action to ignite the sexual desires of our lives. Don’t allow the same patterns of actions to steal your sexual desires but use different methods to reap lovemaking rewards.

Sole writer of this article is Barbara Kasey Smith