Philippines: Journalist Tulfo beaten at airport by Actor and Actress couple

Manila – Eyewitnesses say, Ramon Tulfo, one of the Philippines most popular newspaper columnists and top rated broadcast journalist known for his hard hitting popular On-Target opinion column was the victim of beating by a drama actress and her husband actor. Who inturn claim it was the journalists fault. "You know, God knows the truth mr. tulfo… " Actress Claudine Barretto told reporters at a Philippine National Police station at the airport.

Claudine Barreto and husband Raymart Santiago as well as Tuflo both claim the other side started the fight. But, video of the beating Tulfo got at the hands of between five to seven persons including Santiago clearly seen on both CCTV video and several phone videos posted on YOUTUBE show the lack of clear training by airport security to intervene in situations where celebreties are involved.

Tulfo’s daughter, speaking online, expressed anger the couple, "I know my dad fought a good fight. At 65 he could have went into a coma. " video clips online show both celebs punching and grabing Tulfo.

Punches and kicks were thrown even after he had been pushed to the ground, Gem Tulfo-Soriano, speaking her facebook page went on to say she was pround of her dad for just surviving the beating, considering his age."A few friends who were there to witness it first hand said that my dad was AWESOME. He was even compared to STEVEN SEGAL. at 65!" Gem Tuflo-Soriano also went on to say she was not pleased with the events that happened did stress her father would do what any journalist would. "I’m not proud about what happened. But hell, I’m proud of you, dad. You did great. BRAVO!" 

Tulfo, known for facing down political figures, corrupt police, and, criminal gangs, per a airline clerk was attempting to be a peace maker between a Irate Barreto over lost luggage and the Cebu Pacific Airways baggage area clerk who was being shouted at repeatedly by Barretto over misisng luggage. Tulfo then became of the object of obsentities when he took out his cell phone and began to take pictures or videos.

The airline rage turned on Tulfo when he took photo’s and video of Barretto at the airport counter. The events were recorded by security camera’s of the airports security system.

Tulfo, per a police officer at first seemed to side with the actor-actress couple, but then was repeatedly shouted at by the other party and at least two men, traveling with the couple, or just trying to get into the debate, tried to get his cell phone. Tulfo claims ti was Santigo who tried to grab his phone. Pushing then punches started. Tulfo was beaten to the ground but also managed to get a few punches in hmself. Barretto can be heard shouting in the videos end to in Filipino to get the mans bag. It seems she didn’t recognize the columnist even at that point.

On the other side of melee other passengers who had been using thier camera phones were also harrassed and at least two cell phones taken away per police by unkown men. The orginal video posted on you tube was taken down but other users reposted the video on several dozen sites online.

In the meantime, both sides have been on television and radio as well as newspaper reports show a constant flow of images of the actor and acress taking turning beating the columnist. Criminal cases are being filed as of this writing and airport security video has been turned over to the police.

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