Physical Fitness, The Most Important Part Of Health- Care

To keep one fit is necessary and compulsory. Physical fitness is the most important part of health- care and in keeping one happy and young.

 People who are not fit fall sick . They look jaded and unhealthy. They find it difficult to recoup even simple illnesses.

 The best way to keep fit is by exercise.

a)      Exercise Regular, everyday helps in reducing weight and keeping it at an optimum.

b)      It helps in better control of blood pressure in patients taking medicines for hypertension. It can also reduce the dose of medicines required.

c)      The same benefit is seen in diabetic patient where the control of sugar level in blood better and the requirement of medicines are lesser.

d)     It has a definite action role in preventing the above mentioned degenerative disorders.

e)      A physical fitness man has better self-esteem and a sense of well –being. You all know the meaning behind about the term `fat to fit.’

Important of the ideal exercises

a)      Jagging or walking for one our in a day is the good form of exercise for of all ages people.

b)       Cycling for about half an hour a day equal to a 45 minutes walk.

c)      Swimming for half an hour a day is an ideal exercise for any age of people.

d)     Low intensity aerobic for half an hour a day or for one hour alternate days is a best form of exercise.

e)      In these days aerobic dancing is also a very good accepted and fashionable interesting exercise which serves the same purpose as any other exercises.

f)       Yoga helps us in keeping the body supple and the mind refreshed and relaxed, though it cannot be used a caloric spending exercise.

g)      Daily supervised gym exercises are probably the well for youth individuals and for those between 25 and 45 years. Gym exercise that way is doing a well job of providing group environmental for fitness.

h)      Out door games like tennis, football, hockey, ring ball, dodge ball or even thread skipping can give the same benefits of exercise.