PK to hold convention on “Homeland Day”

 JAMMU, Dec 13: After getting overwhelming response from thousands of delegates in the registration process for the National Convention on the “Homeland Day” which is scheduled to be held on the December 28 this year at Jammu, the leaders of Panun Kashmir (PK) have expressed full fledged support from the community to attend the Convention that will have different sessions pertaining to the nationalist geo political aspirations of the religiously cleansed community.

Explaining the contours and schedule of the Convention, PK General Secretary Kuldeep Raina said, “The Convention on the “Homeland Day” is the reaffirmation of the religiously cleansed Kashmiri Pandit (KP) community towards the reclamation of our ancestral homeland in Kashmir as envisaged in the historic Margdarshan Resolution adopted by the entire community unanimously for the creation of the Homeland for the all religiously cleansed KPs from time to time in Kashmir.”

While taking the stock of the registration process, he said, “PK is getting full and firm support of the KPs and the nationalist forces who believe in the implementation of the Indian Constitution in letter and spirit in the Homeland for the Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. KPs from all over the country and abroad will converge at Jammu to take stock of the emerging situation politically, socially, culturally, economically besides other areas of concern keeping in view the adhoc measures adopted by the respective governments to keep the KPs as the hostages of the theo-fascist communalism of the Talibanised society in Kashmir so that the perpetrators of the Human Rights violations towards the community are bailed out. The community is upbeat for the Convention and are all against the policies like flawed employment policy with a discriminatory condition of SRO 412 to keep the community youth hostages of the evil forces who are against the democratic set of the Indian nation,” 


To facilitate the registration process, he said, “PK has opened more than hundred nodal points for the community members to get registered as delegates and ensure their participation. The high point of the entire registration process has been the enthusiastic response of the youth and the women folk who want to lead from the front and make the convention a grand success.”