PK urges Govt to shift KP employees to Jammu

Jammu, August 07 (Scoop News) – Panun Kashmir, the organization of Kashmiri Pandits urges the governments at the Centre and in the State to realize the gravity of the situation in Kashmir and shift KP employees immediately to Jammu before any mishap happens. Panun Kashmir urges both the governments in the State and the Centre not to act as bystanders or collaborators in a situation of gross Human rights insult and abuse.


PK leaders in a statement said that it is a matter of extreme concern for us that the security situation for the Kashmiri Hindu employees recruited as per Prime Ministers’ employment package has become extremely fragile and vicious. In a scenario of increasing intimidation and coercion for the Kashmiri Hindu employees, both the separatist leadership and those at the helms in the government, seem to be merely indulging in flaunting public postures to escape responsibility in case something untoward happens.

 They said that the separatist leaders have already claimed that the threat of intimidation to these employees as the handiwork of Indian agencies and hence sought to insulate themselves from any culpability. This stance has made the immediate future for Kashmiri Hindu employees as pregnant with dangerous possibilities. The government is treating the threats as either bogus or not of any serious nature. The net result is the increased attrition for the new recruits who took the risk of joining in valley only to respond to their destitution and deprivation.

 More intriguingly the government is in a mode of abject denial about the growing and brazen expressions of intolerance in the valley.  It seems government policy is primarily to deny and underplay the growing radicalization and secessionism at the ground level in the valley.

Panun Kashmir has maintained a consistent stance that the return policy adopted  by the governments in the State and the Centre is not even remotely connected with accomplishing the return of the internally displaced Kashmiri        Hindus.                The policy only aims to give a cosmetic facelift to the ugly and regressive separatist movement in the Valley. In a situation where social milieu is becoming increasingly exclusivist and regimented, the return policy is seeking to act as a cloak of return of pluralism. Government and the Separatists seem to be hand in glove in creating this mirage.

The transition camps made for Kashmiri Hindu employees are gradually turning into places bereft of basic freedoms. Mercenaries unleashed by government itself have been relentlessly trying to cajole and coax the residents of the transition camps to be silent and keep the daily doses of harassment which they suffer now and then only to themselves. In spite of the intimidation and threats the employees have tried to apprise the authorities about their plight only to receive reprimands and instructions to learn to put up with their situation. Transition camps may sooner than later start resembling concentration camps.

Panun Kashmir is of the firm understanding that the return policy employed by the governments in the State and the Centre is harbinger of a new genocidal destabilization for the Kashmiri Hindus and declares its resolve to appraise the whole country and the world at large about its dimensions and motivations.