Planning a Wedding In spring

 ã€€ã€€Make life easy and take advantage of what each season has to offer when planning the wedding. Not only will it be easier to find flowers and foods that are in season, the celebration will be organic and natural.

  The décor may reflect the holidays, or simply embrace the season. Decorate the church with seasonal flowers or stay with all white and silver for a snowy effect. Colors for the bridesmaids may be red and green to celebrate the holidays, or the bride may choose to go with the richness plum and gold or silver metallic.

  Crystal snowflakes suspended from the ceiling at the reception sparkle and twirl, creating a winter wonderland. Holly and mistletoe above each doorway add even more romance to the event. Floral arrangements reflecting those from the wedding will maintain the desired mood of the season. Serve hearty food with hot cider. Send guests home with commemorative ornaments.

  Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Spring is the best season to go crazy with a variety of flowers—from daisies to roses. This is also the ideal season for bridesmaids to be in a variety of colors, creating a rainbow wedding party. Or have them wear any combination of yellow and green.

  Stay with the floral theme for the reception, from the entrance to the cake. Fresh, early-season, fresh-from-the-garden fruit and vegetables with yogurt dip add to the freshness of the seasonal theme. A cake with wispy flowers and elusive butterflies will delight the guests. Pretty bud vases are the perfect wedding favor for guests.