playing Kabaddi -The central line divides the court into equal halves

 Kabaddi is played by most of the youth in rural areas of our country. It is an indigenous game played in our country. This game is played by 14 players divided into two teams of seven players each. This is played in a place marked in a specific area and in a specific time. Each team has a captain. This is played under the umpiring of six officers. 


Generally the game is allotted a time period of 40 minutes and the match is divided into two sessions, duration each twenty minutes. There is a rest time of five minutes after the first session. Besides this, each team may ask for a `time out’ of one minute, twice in each session. The play will be stopped during the `time out’.


In case of injury to the players of each team have five extra players to continue the game.


The referee declares the winning team after completion of 40 minutes of the play. If both the team has equal score, the play continues for 10 minutes more. If the score is still equal, five players from each team will go to can’t one after the other. If it is not possible to decide the winner even after this, the play will be continued in sudden death method until one of the two teams is adjudged as winner.


The central line divides the court into equal halves. Lobby, back line and bonus line are person in each half.


Rules for playing Kabaddi  


1)      The player who goes into the area of the opposite team calling, `Kabaddi, Kabaddi….’ must touch the dead line before coming to his area. Otherwise he is declared `out’

2)      The player must keep calling `Kabaddi… ‘From the moment he leaves the center line and come back to it. If he stops calling, he is declared `out’.

3)      If any player goes out of the boundary line of the court he is declared `out’.

4)      Player (s) declared `out’ must sit at the sitting block near their team area.

5)      When the team scores a point the player who was `out’ first joins the team and continues playing.

6)      Players must not play with grown nails

7)      Players must not apply oil or slippery substances to their body and play.

8)      If girls play, their or plaits must not be held or pulled.