PNP Promotion System Hit

The organizational structure of Philippine National Police is in the news again after a paid advertisement was published in all daily newspapers criticizing the monopolized promotion system controlled by police officials whose biased mindset were contaminated by their “mistah mentality.”  

The advertisement called on the government and police higher ups to totally change and improve the rotten promotion system. It was noted that juicy positions and questionable promotions were only delegated to the remaining 500 Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduates, a remnant of post Philippine Constabulary-Integrated National Police (PC-INP) force dissolved in the 1990’s after the enactment of the PNP Law.

Police officers who graduated from PMA hold important positions and ranks higher than their Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) counterpart. PNPA graduates claimed that they are not being treated equal by the PMA police officials. They had raised the issue many times but nothing comes out of it.

The disappointed PNPA officers, through their PNPA Alumni Association rebuked the blatant manipulation of promotions in the police organization. They also questioned the appointing authority of favoring their own mistah or classmates in the academy. Worst of all, politics have encroached into the police and military organizations which supposed to be non partisan at all times.