Political Polka: ObamaCare, Wilson And The Mainstream Media

In light of the events with the Wilson incident during Mr. Obama’s presentation to the American people and Congress for his health care agendas, it appears that the mainstream media, particularly the AP, are now doing the polka for the policians involved in this incident.

From a report published today by the AP, it appears that supposedly there WAS a provision within that 1,000 page bill that provided for illegal immigrants health care needs, and that those involved in its drafting are going through it with a fine tooth comb in order that those provisions get redrafted and removed.

At least that is what is being told the public by the AP from its "sources."

But what is so incredibly unbelieveable is the inordinate now focus that is being directed due to this little media stunt on strictly the provisions for illegals which were the focus of Mr. Wilsons’ little performance.

Since the entire bill in and of itself is so chock full of Bill of Rights violations on the American citizens and public it is quite unbelieveable.

And especially since also there has been for years emergency health care provided by separate legislation for the illegal immigrants in this country. 

As a former 45 year border state resident, I can testify to that since when my now 21 year old daughter was four we had to rush her to the emergency room at one point for some digestive difficulties she was having.

And the entire emergency room was filled with illegal immigrants since it was flu season and they were all waiting for their free health care and meds courtesy of Uncle Sam.

We ended up waiting four hours in order for her to be treated since the illegals had priority as we were self-insured at the time, and the hospital was under federal directives to so provide such care since "emergency" was so ill defined and broad in the federal statute and billsin. 

At that point in time, the Arizona state initiatives denying such coverage had yet to be passed by the Arizona voters, but which also was and has been since ineffective because the hospitals play the system and simply then treat them and submit the bills for those federal monies which are annually appropriated since the bill’s passage years ago instead, even though the hospitals are incorporated at the state level, and that federal statute actually not at all Constitutional to begin with as a state issue and matter.

The federal government’s only duties with respect to foreigners is clearly limited to providing the qualifications and oversight for naturalization and in order to immigrate with such a clear intent, after all, forsaking their former allegiances and alliances with their former home countries.

This was another of those bills and measures that was passed at least 15-20 years ago without the knowledge or consent of the American taxpayers, since the Constitution does only apply to Americans specifically per the Preamble, and those hospitals and health care networks received even public monies and support for their very exitence at the state and municipal levels, and many also receiving reserach and other grant monies billed to U.S. taxpayers.

So it does appear that the AP as a news source is reacting to the Hill’s press releases, rather than digging a little deeper as to just how ludicrous that entire performance actually was in the focus of Mr. Wilson’s objections. 

He’s about 20 years too late, and if he is a federal legislator or has been even though South Carolina is not a border state, should and must have been well aware of the existence of this other legislation which already existed and has been reappropriated ever since.

And what a spin and joke, actually, and must have been merely a grab for media attention for both Obama and Mr. Wilson, and to shift again the focus of this legislation.

Given the entire real outrageous and  "illegal" provisions contained within it that trump Mr. Wilson’s meek and errant staged outrage in their Constitutional violations.