Politics on injuries

Kolkata: Politics on agendas, manifestos and developmental promises is getting of less use. Emotional involvement, regional and religious stunts are also looking out dated for some political brains and are resorting to politics of injuries and blood stains of common people. But in a bizarre sequence one of political party displayed its worker injured on a poster to gain sympathy by voters. Suddenly another political party claimed that injured activists belongs to their group and is executive member of the party.

“We want to draw your attention towards the recent nuisance of Trinamool Congress (TMC) in their posters and banners used by them for election campaign” said Parul Mandal, National Secretary ABVP and informed that in one of their banner they used pictures of wounded people as victim of CMP party’s atrocities. But it was shocking that picture of a wounded youth in their banner is actually a ABVP worker namely Niraj Kumar (member, ABVP Kolkata Executive Committee), he added.

He was not victim of any political clashes hold between rival parties but he became victim of anti national forces in Jadavpur University when ABVP organized a protest against anti national elements there, Parul said in a statement adding that even TMC did not take any permission from him for using his photo for a political purpose. ABVP opposing mean publicity stunts of TMC for their political gain expressed deep anguish.