Pollution are agents causing pollution of any type

Man from the very beginning has utilized environment for his existence. During the passage of civilization, his wants have multiplied. But he did not care for the physical and natural environment. Therefore, environment is polluted everywhere in the world. Environmental pollution is defined as `a change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of the air, water or soil that can affect the health, survival or activities of human beings or other living organisms in a harmful.

Pollution are agents causing pollution of any type. In other words, pollutants are the materials which pollute the environment. It may be a chemical or radiation or even noise beyond a certain decibel level.

Classifications of pollutants
1) primary pollution- these persist in the form in which they released in the environment. For example, plastic bags, DDT etc.
2) Secondary pollution- secondary pollutants are those harmful materials pollutants in the atmosphere. For example, the ozone formed absorbs the ultraviolet radiation and is again broken into dioxide and oxygen atom. Heat out of this reaction warms up the stratosphere.
3) Qualitative pollutants- qualitative pollutants are those which are produced by human activities and are not present in nature otherwise. For example, insecticides and herbicides, DDT, fungicides.
4) Quantitative pollution – quantitative pollution are those released environmental by human activities. For example, carbon dioxide released by power plant stations.