Pornography Robs People Of Their Good Judgments

Commentary: Our society is full of people who sell and exchange child pornography to others. Most people start off watching adult pornography and end up by breaking the law and going further into the deep pits of the pornography world by seeking new methods to enhance their sexual desires. 

I’m thankful the law is uncovering more and more pornography rings and arresting the people for these horrific acts against innocent children. I cannot think of a more atrocious crime against a child.

It is my personal opinion pornography is an enemy to all people and it robs them and leaves them empty and caring only about their next sexual pornographic film. 

I believe pornography desensitizes people and they become deadened to adult pornography and they’ll start to search for newer and other methods to view more deviant perverted sex acts being performed to enhance their sexual desires.

Pornography exhibits various views of the human sex organs and varied techniques and positions to achieve different types of sexual arousals and stimulations and this keeps the watchers interested.

A person who is performing sexual acts for others to watch on films do not show any form of expression on their faces other than a fake look of pleasure, and to me, this is a mockery to what a true loving sexual relationship really is. I believe this is a form of degraduation to a human being and it does not display any form of a bond or a true loving relationship between the man and woman.

There’s no love shown between the couple other than displays of lust and a need for sexual satisfactions. What are these people displaying to our society…sex is for sex only?

It’s my belief that these type actions cause people to believe that sex is for self-gratification only and that human beings are for sex only without any warm feelings for each other during a sexual encounter. This gives people a cheapened image about a sexual union between two people.

I believe pornography promotes the deterioration of a person’s conscience, ruins men’s respect and moral views about women, draws them into addiction, infidelity, causes sexual agression, sexual promiscuity, and it causes people to search for new sexual partners and sex toys to satisfy their need to achieve sexual stimulation and arousal.

There are a lot of people who believe it is okay to watch pornography because it does not have any adverse side effects on them; but it has been proven that a lot of people who started watching adult pornography ends up looking at child pornography too.

It is my firm belief that pornography robs people of their sanctity and their ability to commit to one person and it also encourages sexual permissiveness which leads to women having babies out-of-wedlock and to commit adultry.

I believe children who are subjected to pornography will suffer major mental problems in their lives because it has robbed them of their self-esteem, self-confidence, inability to be affectionate and caring, loss of morals, inability to bond with other people, suffer insecurities, loss of pride, and many other problems too.

I believe in having strong family ties, a firm sexual commitment to one person, parental monitoring, and taking an oath "not" to view pornography, good human morals, living a Christian life, and this will put up a good defense up to keep pornography out of a person’s life and their home.


Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article.