Praying To Lord Jesus In Faith And Trust


Does Our Lord Hear Prayer? And, More Importantly Does He Answer Prayer?

In every religion, prayer and praying, appears to be a fundamental part of worship, and, in my own personal opinion, if it isn’t, it should be.

The most important thing about prayer is though, prayer is communing with almighty God our Creator and our Redeemer, and communing and communicating involves two extremely important aspect, “Speaking” or some form of communicating that which is in our hearts and on our minds, And, “Listening” listening for, and to, God’s response to what we are asking and praying about. The next important thing about prayer, is a willingness to carryout God’s will after he has given you the answer. Keep in mind the answer might not come immediately. It may take some time for God to put things together according to his will, and the answer might not be yes, but no, or, not at this time.

Often I have been asked by newcomers to the “Faith”, people who have never given prayer a thought before, let alone tried, how to pray effectively, and get God’s attention. I am also asked, how do I know, in other words, how can I assure them, prayer works for real?

Usually, without thinking, my first response would be; Jesus taught us, and I would introduce them to “The Our Father”, “The Lord’s Prayer”, but later I would think to myself, was that enough?

One day a friend of mine who is also a priest of God, and myself, got together and I asked his opinion on the matter, and we put together this prayer instructional leaflet, that I thought I would like to share with you.

Please teach me Lord God?Please teach me Lord, I really want to know, exactly how to pray. I need to know that you are hearing my prayer and that you will answer it.


I need some words but which ones are right?

Please tell me what to say?

I’ve knealt down, I’ve bowed my head, but should I be upright, or laying prone face down?

I’ve closed my eyes and raised my hands, or wait should I fold them tight?

Do I stand up, kneel, or sit?

Dear Lord, what do you like?

Should the lights be on, or maybe turned off, wait maybe a candle is right?

Should I wear my glasses or take them off?

Be at my table or desk?

Should I whisper quietly or shout or cry?

Do I quote from my Bible?

Lord what do you think?

Lord what about the time, should it be short or long, and do you prefer dusk or dawn?

Should I pray fast cuz your busy or keep it slow?

Is it better short or should it be long?

I am dressed in tattered rags, is this alright or should I change, does it even matter to you?

I’m new at this Lord. I’ve never prayed before.

What are the rules? I want to do it right.

How do I know you even hear me, or that I am within your sight?

As I sat there quietly waiting for some sign, I heard a tiny whisper in the recesses of my mind say:

My Child, I am The Lord.

I’ve sat here quietly listening, to all you have to say.

Fear not for I have no steadfast rule for how to pray and rest assured, I do hear you and I will provide my answer to every question, to every prayer and everyone of your needs.

My beloved child allow my Holy Spirit to come into your heart and your mind, and permit Him to guide your thoughts.

Through My Holy Spirit will flow the words for your prayer to me.

It matters not whether you are laying prone, standing upright, kneeling, or sitting, your prayer, your thoughts, your words, I attentively listen to and hear.

Whether you whisper, the words or shout them, whether you cry or sing as you pray to me let the thoughts and words come from your heart. I understand and hear all.

The End,    Amen.


To get back to the questions asked of me by others specifically where they ask for reassurance that God Hears and answers all prayer. I have one true example that I offer, and it the truth. I believe that God answered my prayer, though you may not think so.

I believe what I experienced to be factual proof of not only my Faith in God’s word, but my strong belief in the power of prayer proving that God hears our prayer and answers them too.

It was mid-november 2009 and hear in Toronto we were experiencing a taste of winter to come with a slight little dusting of snow. I went to our balcony, which is my favorite place to be with God and pray or as I call it, to be with my Heavenly Father and chat together.

I started: Father, seeing this dusting of snow, is a beautiful sight to behold.

Thank you for this opportunity to witness such beauty.

Father please I ask not for myself, but I ask for my beloved wife, and all other people in our city, the elderly, the youth, all who have to go out daily using public transit, whether it is to go to work, or school, or to be out and about for whatever their reason, including those out driving, for snow is especially dangerous to them, if it is your will Father, at least here in the city of Toronto, hold back any major snowfalls for this is a danger to them.

From that date in November 2009, until mid February, almost a period of 4 months we had little to no snow. Oh we’d get a little dusting, like that first one, but nothing major. The people of Toronto used brooms, rather than shovels and plows to rid the streets of snow.

Each year since then, at the first sight of snowflakes, I have done the same thing, and each year that prayer is answered. Yes we get the coldness of winter, and we get maybe one little snowfall, but God holds back any major snowfall that could be dangerous for the people of Toronto. Amen!

It may not have had anything in your way of thinking to do with my praying to God and asking the impossible, but I know that to God, nothing is impossible, and I believe God heard my prayer and answered it. Say and think what you will.