Presidential Election Who Will Come Out a Winner Be?

The presidential election is a day away,
ads, flyers, news reports hold on to the airwaves.
Surveys show Romney leads by a point or two,
Obama bears optimistic messages to get us through.
Romney flips flops on important and virtuous issues
Obama guarantees to restore stocks, jobs, and factories.

Everyone waits for voting polls to open to cast their votes
as presidential candidates` release messages full of hope.
Pledges and assurances rob people’s minds and hearts,
they’re not sure which one is truthful or full of faults.
Obama faced debts and a poor economy his first round,
others say he got American’s into debt without a rebound. 

They both have many issues about their potentials too;
who do you believe will win this mission to carry us through?
Many vows and statements are made and never carried out,
leaving the voters sucking their thumbs and pouting about.
I’m not having my palms read…"no" truth to what is said,
we’ll have to wait until the votes are casts and tallies read…
hope we all haven’t been fibbed to and mislead.


Poem Written by Barbara Kasey Smith – Sole Opinion of the Writer