Prices Shoot Up

Sellers in Okhla – vegetable wholesale market say its due to less rains this monsoon resulting into the shoot up of  daily use vegetables like Tomato, Onion, Cabbage etc. Delhi residents specially the lower middle class or salaried families have already started Cutting down meals to 1 a day. Price of 1kg of onion has reached upto Rs. 22 per kg which was only Rs.10 a kg couple of weeks ago. Tomato and other daily used vegetables Like potato and cabbage has gone double the prices, 1 kg of tomato is around Rs.42 more than a $ per kg.


Meteorological Department of India says this year monsoon will be 40-50% less than average, agriculture minister Sharad Pawar agreed on the scarcity of rains this year resulting in lower production of food and vegetables specially in the northern India.