Production of pornography and transmitting it through through various communications networks is considred to be a formal crime as laws prohibited such activities in most of the countries. And watching the pornography through videos, through internet by any one, particularly those people who are in public services, are considered to be an unethical activity but not a formal crime. So, while production of pornography is a formal crime, watching pornographys is self-imposed informal taboo or also considered to be an informal crime in the society.

But, the social situation is quite different from this differentiation. While the producers of pornography or pornography actors move so daringly in the society, while the pornography watchers do watch it so secretly and impose burden on their minds as if they are doing a grave crime.  So to watch pornography in the internet or through videos you have to sit in a room alone and watch in so curiously and if you perceive as if somebody is coming you will shut down the that site and say ‘I’m in computer work’. So, watching pornography has become a self-imposed crime, because you can not watch it openly in the Office or before the public.  

Eventhough production of pornography is checked by laws, production is going unchecked world wide nevertheless the technology can identify the persons or pornography business houses or the internet pornography uploaders.  If you question them, why you are doing such unethical and illegal deeds they simply rebut, you do not watch it if you consider it to be uethcal. They further say we are producing it because the public are watching it interestingly. If you people do not watch pornography we do not produce it.  So, what their pleading is, they continue to produce it, but people must have the continence or control over their minds not to watch such things. Their argument is some thing like – recently the Director General of Police (DGP) of State of Andhra Pradesh in South India made a public statement that because some sections of young women are wearing the very short dresses in body exposing manner so the sex related crimes have increased on them in the society.  A hue and cry has been raised by some women organizations and some prominent women in the country condemning the DGP’s statement, and said that men must stop to visualize the women from sexual point of view and wearing body-exposing dresses is the personal right of the women.

So, what could be learnt from the argument of the women who opposed the DGP’s statement is that they continue to wear short and body-exposing dresses but men must have control over your minds not to react to such situations. Is their argument not against the biological laws?  If women wear dress in decent manner, without exposing their bodies for commercial purposes or for money earning activity, or for some other unethical recognition, will men get perverted thinking/ideas in their minds, on women at large?  So what DGP stated is correct for the welfare of women and society at large, but the business-minds are opposing that.

Similarly, if Internet Pornography producers and actors are cracked down by the “INTERPOL”, under the directions of “Active Global Leaders” (the Big Five of Security Council), the people around the world would not get chance to watch the pornography and to get their minds perverted. So ‘watching’ would be stopped if there is no “production”. So that, a society having healthy-minded people, would prevail. For animals there are no laws, so they live and do what ever they like, for civilized human being there are laws to protect the civilization.

Otherwise this ‘PORNOGRAPHIC TERRORISM’ would destroy the mankind in the days to come and mankind would turn into beasts, if such lawless activities are continuosly pumped into the minds of young people around the world through Internet.  So an active Global Decision is required to check this evil.