Prof Zaffar and Hangloo felicitated by AIKS

Jammu, January 12(Scoop News) –On the 2nd day of the National Seminar cum workshop on the preservation of Kashmiri Language various papers by renowned writers including Dr Afaq Aziz , Dr M Y Zaffer,Prof Shad Ramzan, Shri Nirdhan and Dr R L Shant were read out and were later discussed in detail by the discussants . Overall all the readers threw light on the conditions that led to the erosion of literature and language. For maintaining and connecting with the roots all opined that language is the pivotal element that will keep us bonded together.
In the second session a potic rication was organised which was presided over by P N Kaul Sayil.
For his immense contribution to the field of culture and language by establishing Shardha Radio despite all odds and in the dark dense All India Kashmiri Samaj felicitated Ramesh Hangloo.  While appreciating Ramesh Hangloo for his tremendous contribution President AIKS, Moti Koul said that it is not easy to establish an institution like Sharda Radio and Hangloo has done a Yeoman’s job and has made all of us proud.
Speaking on the occasion Ramesh Hangloo said that we should take lesson from those communities who have lived in exile and despite in exile have succeeded in keeping up their language alive. Though there is no comparison between the exiled Pandits with others but we should take clue how they are surviving against the winds.
He  requested all to make younger generation aware about their Language and culture especially among the displaced people .
On the occasion, Prof M Y Zaffar, an authority on Shaivism was also felicitated by All India Kashmiri Samaj for his contribution to the philosophy of Shaivism. Prof M Y Zaffar in his message suggested of creating of NGOs who can come to the help of those writers who cannot afford to pay from the pocket for their books. Mr Zaffar was all optimistic about Kashmiri Language. Being the descendents of Abhinav Gupta our language cannot die down, said Mr. Zaffar.
Three books were released by Mr. Moti Kaul on this occsion. Poets who recited their poems include Bal Krishen Sanyasi, P N Sayil, R L Jowhar, J L Saroor, Kalhan Koul, Bashir Baderwahi, S K Tiku, Santosh Nadan, Bimla Misri and Pyare Hatash.