Prominent Hindi writer,poet Dr.Agnishekhar rejects JK state award

Jammu, January 28 (Scoop News) –     Prominent   Hindi writer, poet and thinker, Dr.Agnishekhar today rejected state award, saying he is tired of the current government and does not want their honor.

Addressing a press conference in Jammu today Dr.Agnishekhar said that “I reject the Best Book Award carrying a cash reward of  Rs. 51,000/-, a memento and a shawl to be conferred on my fourth poetry collection “Jawahar Tunnel”  by the State Academy of Art, Culture and Languages as a mark of protest against the “exodus” and “ethnic cleansing” of my peace loving community.

” Though this award is being given by the State Academy, and the Chief Minister of the State happens to be its President, I hold all   the successive state governments responsible for the continued policy of neglect and apathy towards the victims of Jehadi terrorism in the valley”,he said.


      Dr.Agnishekhar told reporters that in the capacity of a conscientious writer, it will be unethical for me to receive this Literary Award from the hands of Omer Abdullah, the President of the State Academy of Art, culture and languages.

          It is my responsibility as a writer to register my protest against this worst ever forced exodus and holocaust, Dr.Agnishekhar said.

       He said that   “I refuse to accept this award from the Chief Minister Omer Abdullah,  who is seen, inclined towards the fundamentalist forces that have rejected the secular value system and cultural co-existence in the valley”.


        Dr.Agnishekhar told reporters that  it is unfortunate that the Chief Minister did nothing to undo the change of nomenclature and illegal encroachments of several ancient  religio-cultural centres of exiled Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir valley. He even shows his unconcern over distortion of history and cultural identity  of the Kashmir valley.


     He said that my conscience as a responsible writer does not allow me to receive any award or honour from the State or by the institutions patronized by the State Govt. I value the peoples love and appreciation of my literature and treat it as the highest award.