Rahul Gandhi committed no offence : Bhim Singh


Jammu, October 05 (Scoop News) –"Rahul Gandhi has committed no offence in disclosing his hidden identity of being ‘Kashmiri descent’ and combination of his ancestors with the ancestors of Omar Abdullah", commented Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party and saviour of Farooq Abdullah when he was dismissed unceremoniously by Governor, Jagmohan under the direction of Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India in 1984. Farooq Abdullah was brought back as Chief Minister by Rajiv Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India after 20 months of humiliation in the jungles of Kashmir politics. It was Prof. Bhim Singh alone who rescued Farooq Abdullah from the wrath of Congress and Farooq Abdullah when brought back to power by Shri Rajiv Gandhi rigged Prof. Bhim Singh’s Parliament election in 1988 and sent him to the jail to please the Congress.

 In a statement,Prof. Bhim Singh expressed no surprise on the confession made by Rahul Gandhi, a young trainee in Kashmir politics reminding that the fall of Kashmir democracy started with the friendship of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah when both of them joined hands to start a movement against the Dogras to ‘Quit Kashmir’ in 1946. NPP Chief said that same spirit of friendship between Shri Rajiv Gandhi and Dr. Farooq Abdullah gathered momentum in 1986 when Farooq Abdullah was installed on the throne of Kashmir knowing well that it was Farooq Abdullah, who demonstrated naked persons in Iqbal Park in a Congress public meeting addressed by Indira Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi’s assurance reveals a state secret that his friendship with the third generation of Abdullahs i.e. Omar Abdullah shall lost forever for the glory of Kashmir as both being of Kashmir descent though none of them knows Kashmiri language till this day. Interesting,  Rahul Gandhi did not disclose Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s relation with Dr. Farooq Abdullah. It must have charmed that Kashmiri fraternity to discover their deep and historical relationship with Rahul Gandhi whom Dr. Farooq Abdullah has declared as the next Prime Minister without fixing any particular date.

The highly placed veteran executives of Indian industries and corporations related to multinationals including Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Bajaj Autos, Wipro Group, HDFC and several others accompanied the PRIME MINISTER IN THE MAKING to Kashmir leaving not an iota of doubt that the business and tradinJPg houses in the country that they have decided to bring Rahul Gandhi as their Prime Minister. In fact, they have been running the affairs of the state and have successfully introduced so-called reforms which in fact amount to surrendering the national interest to the colonial masters in the name of FDI………retails……… wholesale and everything. Which way the next winds shall blow, only time can answer?