Disagreeing with Hariharan many apologist view that the Rajapakses success in  ‘coercive diplomacy’  humbled Delhi into supporting Lanka to defy the UNHRC periodic reviews monitoring Lankan accountability for the crimes under UNHRC review. The success is attributable to the secretive commitments that key Sonia acolytes made to the Rajapakses from time to time in several ‘one to one’ talks in India’s post Indra period. The secretive commitments between the Rajapkses and the key Sonia loyalists served as destructive precursors to cause the Eelam Tamils eternal misery and anger in TN and worldwide. The key persons identified by Gothabhaya Rajapakse in the Lankan genocide were the Sonia Delhi South Block ‘in the loop trio’ who plotted the world renowned Mullivaykkal massacres.  
Amongst other such conspiratorial South Block genocide secretive talks/deals the one between Rajiv and J R Jayawardene (JR) held in the privacy of a visit surveying some flood areas in India were most destructive to the Tamil cause. The talks produced the deal to introduce the IPKF into Lanka; officially to save the Eelam Tamils to calm TN Tamils sentiments but events that unraveled pointed to a sinister scam that was more scandalous than Rajiv’s Bofors scam that just preceded it. Under the deal JR hired IPKF mercenaries to totally eliminate the Eelam Tamiil insurgency or LTTE ‘terrorism’. The naïve Rajiv (so labeled by Gen Harikirat and Hariharan) however set up an alibi in the Indo-SL Accord and 13th Amendment to camouflage the scam. Outstanding commitments under that deal had to be delivered as late as May 2009 producing amongst others the ruthless Mullivaykkal massacres, killings of white flag carrying rebel’s leaders offering to surrender, massacres of civilians and the defeat of the LTTE. These crimes were portrayed as battlefront victories earning from the Sonia land her loyalist praise and India’s vote in the UNHRC congratulating Lanka for its crimes within a span of few days in May 2009. The pin point co-ordinates for these massacres were provided by Delhi both in the ground and airborne (RAW). . In contrast a horrified international community began in earnest to act against that Lankan brutality.
Though the 1987 IPKF venture failed miserably, Sonia on coming back to power in 2004 lead an enthused South Block to deliver on Rajiv’s outstanding commitments to eliminate the Tamil insurgents/civilians to alter the Lankan demographics to historically erase traces of Tamil habitation in Lanka. The Rajapakses entrapped the over-enthusiastic anti-Tamil South Block trio into participating in the criminal undertakings especially the Mullivaykkal massacre precisely timed to avoid the May 2009 elections.  Strangely Shastri’s neighbor friends, the Rajapakses used the Sonia-South Block ‘in the loop’ role as a blackmail weapon that terrified (and continues to terrify) both Sonia and the South Block into appeasing Colombo. The threat was to expose Delhi’s illicit role in the Lanka genocide from advice, supply of men, battlefront and aerial intelligence, and lethal arms including cluster bombs, funds to purchase arms and diplomatic cover should SL face international accountability scrutiny. The massacres of the Tamils (over 40 000 Tamil civilians in Mullivaykkal) to alter Lankan demographics in favour of the Sinhalas at the expense of Eelam Tamils is plainly a genocide, a crime against humanity.  
Pranab Mukerjee, (the present President of India), Delhi’s reputed trouble shooter on behalf of Sonia also had a secretive ‘one to one’ talks with Karunanithi in early 2009 perverting the course of justice when he reportedly pressured Karunanithi to assure continued DMK support at a critical juncture for UPA’s survival without which the Lankan genocide/massacres woud have been halted. Had DMK acted in line with the sentiments amongst the Tamils honestly it would have morally brought down the UPA government saving the lives of Eelam Tamils. The payback for this undertaking was for Sonia and her cohorts to hold back CBI proceedings against DMK Ministers Raja and Kanimozhi in the scandalous 2G case thus subverting the due judicial processes. The Central government holding back the CBI, a state agency from promptly acting according to the law against the plunderers of public assets/income in the 2G scam is a crime. The trade-off thus enabled what Shastri prayed for, along with the Sonia/South Block aiding and abetting the Rajapakses’ massive massacres of Tamil civilians.  Pranab a reputed ‘trouble shooter’ thus turned a ‘fixer’ of this notorious deal that also gave away a powerful diplomatic weapon (namely the threat to disclose the role of the South Block trio in the massacres that Lanka committed) to the Rajapakses. The Rajapakses revealing this, then a secret in judicial proceedings and details entering the public arena terrified Delhi into submission diplomatically. Strangely Sonia Delhi a regional power succumbed to Rajapakses’ “coercive” diplomacy. Hence Delhi’s post 2009 diplomacy was entirely directed by Lanka using Delhi to sabotage the ongoing UNHRC crimes processes against Lanka.
 Karunanithi’s play-acting in the Pranab deal complementing his two hour fast was treachery of the highest order. TN voters delivered a humiliating rebuff to this make believe champion of the Tamil cause from which he is unlikely ever to recover politically. Under this mercenary deal with Pranab he sold the lives of over 40 000 innocent civilian Tamils merely to save the plundered 2G wealth for the family and freedom from prosecution for Raja/Kanimozhi involved in that plunder. Tamils in TN and worldwide are unlikely to forget or forgive Karunanithi, who watched the very people whom he claimed he was their protector being butchered into submission by the Rajapakses.
All indications now are that the electoral fate of Karunanithi certainly awaits Sonia as well. Voters are bound to punish the Sonia crowd that nurtured the scam culture with impunity in the belief that that the Indian voters would forget the Coalgate scam just as they did the Bofors scam. The top leadership’s interference in the work of the CBI allowed the scam culture Rajiv pioneered to disgracefully flourish to become a ‘Coalgate’. The Bofors scam cost Rajiv electorally in 1991; the Pranab deal effectively ended Karunanithi’s political career in TN in 2011. It is Sonia’s turn now to suffer a similar fate from an electoral backlash worse than what Karunanithi suffered in TN.  
Sonia/Singh are still bent on saving the Rajapakses from facing international accountability justice and earned an excellent record for appeasement of the murderous Rajapakse regime usually soon after the ‘one to one’ talks with leaders like S M Krishna, Shankar Menon, and Narayanan. Added to this list is Singh. What deal he made recently with the Rajapakses cause trepidation amongst Eelam Tamils also angering TN Tamils and growing numbers of enlightened Indians. Likewise the international community including UNHRC is most concerned over what more support Singh has promised the Rajapakses to finish off the Tamils in Lanka and sabotage the work of the UNHRC. The accelerating pace of the Rajapakses army and Sinhala settlements in the Tamil homelands point to a more menacing genocide that has the blessings of Singh. What the Rajiv-JR genocide deal began the Rajapakse-Singh recent deal seeks to complete. As a prelude Sonia/Singh Delhi have not for once explicitly condemned the massacres of the Tamils to date. Instead of condemnation of the Lankan genocide Singh/Sonia labored with the Rajapakses to destroy the Tamil resistance sealing the plight of the Eelam Tamils.
The South Block apologists for the Rajapakses also have not changed even in post May 2009. The UNHRC periodic review sessions approaching drove the desperate Rajapakses to seek a ‘one to one’ meet with Manmohan.  For voting for the US sponsored UNHRC resolution against the Rajapakses the Rajapakses turned venomous. Singh escaped, a public assault humiliation that Rajiv suffered in 1987 from a chosen naval rating Vijitha Rohana at a Guard of Honour. It was the first attempted assassination of an Indian leader; a precedent that the South Block apologists conveniently (Shinde) forget. Rohona’s precedent four years later resulted in Rajiv’s assassination by a rape victim of IPKF. Sonia Delhi and the South Block apologists reacted to the latter with intense hostility towards the Tamils. Readers are reminded that the reaction of Delhi and South Block apologists are selective, a Tamil attempt is more heinous compared to a public humiliation of their leader by a Shastri’s friendly neighbour the Sinhalas. Shinde’s voters not only forget but only selectively remember slights and public disgraces its leaders suffer. Today’s voters are unlikely despite efforts of sectarian apologists to forget ‘Coalgate’ as it did over the disgraceful Bofors.
Tamil fishermen in hundreds or more pay with their lives at the hands of Shastri’s friendly neighbour despite pleas from Chennai that the Indian navy protect the Tamil fishermen as citizens of India. The Sea Tigers did a better job protecting TN fishermen’s lives by keeping the Lankan naval patrols confined to their docks.
Rajapakse observing the political rumblings in Delhi pointing to an early end to Sonia rule is slighting Sonia/Singh and begun courting the opposition especially BJP Sushma. Shastri has much to learn how genuine Lankan friendship for Indians is leave alone the public riffle assault of a naval rating aiming at    its PM’ head. A displeased Singh avoided meeting Rajapakse in Rio and then at the NAM meeting. However the Rajapakses South Block loyalists engineered a backdoor visit/meeting for Rajapakse with PM Manmoham; pretext a visit to Sanchi.  Tamils dread the ‘one to one’ talks between SL/Delhi leaders; Rajiv/JR meeting initiated Delhi support to rid the Tamil insurgency, Pranab/ex TN CM meeting ended with the massacres of Tamil civilians and now the Rajapakse/Singh meeting promises to support Lanka in the UNHRC to allow the demographics of Lanka to rid Tamils from Lanka and negate the positive developments taking shape at the UNHRC.
 The pieces of the paid scribes/apologists, overlook references to the accelerated pace of Sinhala colonization which amounts to sabotaging Lanka accounting for its genocide crimes at the forthcoming UNHRC periodic review sessions. The growing world and Indian opinion factored in Delhi’s role in the Lankan crimes/genocide is thus limited to Delhi’s inadequate contribution to the fight against human rights abuses in Lanka while the world and its mandated UNHRC urgently seeks to remedy the Lankan genocide crimes. It is unlikely that Delhi or the South Block trio will be called upon to account for the Lankan crimes but Rajapakses/Lanka implicating the trio will only damage Delhi’s image diplomatically. Any reversal of policy since Delhi’s voted for the US resolution is certain to anger the patriotic TN Tamils who are strongly loyal to the India Union unlike the Rajapakse sectarian scribes who yearn to break up the Indian Union by instigating TN Tamil anger and strain TN-Centre relations. A distinguished and reputed analyst Nateri Adigal in ‘TN being pushed the Eelam way’ is unlikely to restrain the South Block bigots from pursuing their agenda of supporting SL and decimating the Tamils totally in Lanka.    
Hence the intellectually hollow anti-Tamil scribes’ Hariharan and others produce pieces like “The Era of Coercive Diplomacy Is Over” and a Shastri Ramachandran ‘India-Sri Lanka relations hostage to Tamil parties’ to sabotage UNHRC’s efforts to discourage the Rajapakse type genocide epidemic from spreading to the rest of the world. Are the Lankan crimes under the UNHRC supervision not that grave enough to warrant Harriharan to dismiss them as   ‘.continued aberrations’ in Sri Lanka’s handling of Tamils.  UNHRC and other agencies view the Rajapakse crimes too grave to be ignored. Farm lands are being appropriated supposedly for extending military bases in peacetime and related infrastructure for Sinhala colonization of Tamil homeland in Lanka. This is a form of ethnic cleansing, a crime against humanity. The rate of Lankan militarization after the defeat of the LTTE is to perpetuate a military occupation to keep the Eelam Tamils in subjugation. The likes of Haraharan sectarians would argue that Delhi also follow the Rajapakse model to keep a tight rein over the restless Tamils to prevent TN separatism in India, a massive bogey. Readers may wonder whether Singh/Sonia have agreed to a secret deal to allow the Lankan militarization to proceed preparing  to fight the bogey of separatist tendencies with the Rajapakse support should they surface in TN.
Hariharan also sarcastically labels the call of the TN CM along with world class leaders of the international community’s call  for justice for Lanka Tamils victims as ‘her way of asserting her national presence’. How scholarly is Hariharan as political analyst when he, like Shastri has problems with ‘Kalaghams’. TN CM’s thoughts are certainly noble compared  the lowly level of a Karunanithi whose chose to watch Tamils being butchered to save the ill-gotten 2G wealth for his family. 
Hariharan’s questionable scholarship is evident when he asserts that the ‘era of coercive diplomacy is over’ using a single event (the Syrian example) to warn India to appease the Rajapakses who had repeatedly slighted Delhi’s appeasement policies since 2009 once the Tamil insurgency/LTTE lost.  According to Hariharan Sri Lanka is a ‘proud nation’ not to be coerced even though it has murderous instincts and is not carrying forward the reconciliation process with Tamil minority lest it requires another IPKF mis-adventure? Hariharan urging that Delhi avoids coercive diplomacy for some vague ‘strategic context’ today compared to 1987 mis-represents the real reasons for its failure then were the naivety of Rajiv and incompetence of those directing the IPKF including Haraharan but above all the strength of the Tamil resistance (LTTE).
Delhi’s ‘coercive diplomacy’ does indeed carry greater risks today than in 1987. A better armed SL (thanks to the South Block support) like Israel is playing an inimical role to India’s regional power status having a China closely allied to it and at the ready to confront India from points closest to India’s southern front. Hariharan suggests ‘we (India) should start using our influence (do we have any left!) a little more boldly to give his regime a more humane face’ meaning erase Lanka’s genocider-murderer standing to diplomatically save the Raqjapakses from the UNHRC accountability. The UNHRC’s mandate is to tame genociders and human rights abusers. However SL ‘leadership supposedly believes in the war torn zones, reconstruction of habitats and infrastructure. that would improve the live style of the people and devolution being a process that can be progressed at its own pace’ giving the Rajapakses that ‘human face’ elaborated on in LLRC report presented for the UNHRC sessions to meet the accountability measures that the UNHRC may consider at the forthcoming sessions.   
Readers who stumbled on Shastri Ramachandran’s (definitely a clone of Hariharan) ‘India-Sri Lanka relations hostage to Tamil parties’ is a stronger cold blooded sectarian than Hariharan. Hence he blames all the TN parties (calling all of them as Kazhagams) mischievously fomenting Lankan hostility towards India. It is pointless indulging in a debate with such irrational diehard anti-Tamil sectarians (who welcome China ‘projects in Jaffna’ and labels as ‘blunder (Delhi) voting with the US against SL in the UNHRC’..and stating that the two regional parties..are being irresponsible and hurting India’s strategic interests!’ Fortunately Shastri and Hariharan hardly have any following in TN or anywhere else in India.
The Hindu “Plain speaking to Colombo’ editorial also makes similar observations; competitive politics in TN is damaging the ‘successfully built friendly ties …in the past two decades’.  Though the Hindu does mention the ‘China card and Pakistan card’ it elevates the importance of this (Lankan alliance) for India never mind the tens or hundreds of thousands Tamils…slaughtered in Lanka….’ Perhaps the Hindu group sectarians would prefer to watch the Rajapakses slaughter Tamils even TN fishermen (are they Indians?) or any Tamil. Two decades of friendly ties (or appeasement by Sonia acolytes) is unlikely to save TN Tamil fishermen’s  lives   
Sonia and Singh have a style of overcoming setbacks that have plagued UPA 2, through inaction or ignoring the problems. The 2G scam has almost gone away. Delhi expects the Delhi trio’s involvement and the Coalgate to go away as well. The political climate following Coalgate remains critical that analysts predict general election anytime and an end to Sonia/Manmohan rule that has caused immense misery for scam ridden India and Eelam Tamils victims of Lankan genocide. The heat of Coalgate was so intense that Sonia/Singh/South Block sought to minimize its electoral losses by announcing the highly unpopular diesel tax increases and the FDI as diversions to disengage the voter’s minds from the scams/scandals of the Congress dump-pits. The clean Mamata unlike Karunanithi was able to take on Sonia/Singh boldly. Hence would the Indian voters choose to vote for the plunderers of Coalgate, 2G, Bofors, IPKF mercenary scam..? by cling together for political survival the latest until 2014.