Re-construction of Priate Bridge

 Work Start on Jeep able bridge of Priat. Provincial Minister Saleem Khan allocated 7 million for Priate Bridge.

By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL:  Provincial Minister for Population welfare  Saleem Khan said that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is a really democratic party and always supporting poor segment of society. He was addressing a public meeting at Priate on the occasion of reconstruction of Jeep able bridge who released 7 million for this bridge. The bridge was gutted a few month back as a result thousands of people of the valley besieged within the mountains area across the river. Earlier that elites of the area in their welcome address demanded for a hospital in the area because their patients face to travel for hours to reach Booni or Chitral hospital. They also demanded posting of staff to newly constructed high school in the area. They said that after burning of this bridge hundred of school and college going students deprived from their education as well as in case of emergency we travel more than 2 hours and then we came in front of this village on main road they added. Provincial minister said that PPP always support Chitral and that is why work started on 3 hydro power stations as a result hundreds of jobs would be created and people of the area will be self-sufficient in employment. He assured that he will post staff to high school before fulfillment of formality to save precious time of students and to start their study timely. Some people also joined PPP on this occasion.


Provincial Minister also inaugurated Bakarabad road with a cost of 11.5 million. He expressed his great concerned over poor condition and using substandard material in this road. He announced that no one would be allow to embezzle national exchequer and fund for this backward district. He directed for probe into the matter that why C&W not supervise this road and contractor used substandard material in blacktopping of Bakarabd road. A large number of people were present on the occasion and they thanked provincial minister for releasing fund for this road because they face great problems in rain and snowfall while travelling on this muddy road.

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