Reach Ladakh launches Ladakh’s powered Newspaper

 Leh, January 17 (Scoop News) – Ladakh’s largest participatory news portal launched its newly published newspaper Reach Ladakh Bulletin on Tuesday. The launch is a strategic move keeping up with  Reachladakh’s plan of going local .This fortnightly newspaper is consistent with the role of serving media, community development, and growth in Ladakh’s media. Reach Ladakh was established in 1999 as a Media company in Ladakh. It works for the media advancement for many institutions, government companies and private ones.



The newspaper includes all news and activities, events and services offered by Reach Ladakh for many of their clients and companies in the Ladakh and outside Ladakh.


Rinchen Angmo Chumikchan, Editor of Reach Ladakh said,"The launch of the newspaper confirms our commitment to ensure high quality of news coverage, in addition to news and reports that are being published in local and national Media."

We are witnessing today, new generations of young men and women, who have nose for news. Therefore we hope they use it in the best way to serve their country and society.



"We are keen on highlighting the daily achievements in Ladakh. We make sure to send Ladakh’s message to the rest of the world to set pace with the ongoing rapid development through modern means of communication," she added.


She pointed out, "The new newspaper is a link between the administration and the people, which is considered one of the fastest growing services in Ladakh."


Speaking of the importance of this newspaper, Tundup Dorjey, Proprieter of Reach Ladakh said,"The newspaper provides the local and regional news  with the latest news updates about main institutions and bodies that we represent in the Ladakh.The main aim of our newspaper is for the society."


Kunzang Dolma, reporter of Reach Ladakh said,"The newspaper is considered a very important step in media services across Ladakh, "Reach Ladakh Bulletin, ensures the latest media releases with related pictures, and ensures publicity in local news, to be able to reflect the progress of civilization and development in Ladakh,"

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