Recent Trends in Mobile Application

Almost 40 percent of mobile app developers are taking part in the Millennial Media. Promoting new apps is the major focus for these developers in 2012.   There is  a lot of potential for  mobile app development in the near future, according to analysts.                       

Apart from that, the revenue is increasing for app developers with about 21% of the total market share estimated for 2012. Mobile app developers are constantly fine tuning their apps discovery, and marketing. This now includes top blackberry application developers too. Blackberry has released its Playbook tablet, which rivals Samsung’s Android Galaxy and the larger IPad2 released by Apple earlier in the year. 

Working on advertising skills for their applications has surfaced is another objective for 2012.

While most developers are adopting  a business model that offers free applications with charges for  upgrades in games, others  are seeking novel ways to maximize income from app stores applications.