This is the most critical time in the history of our country.  We are in the midst of a cycle of pain that will be thrust forward if the current administration stays on this backward economic path. Energy costs will likely double, inflation will soar and that ever looming fiscal cliff will not be defused but arrive sooner and more arrogantly.

We are no longer the America that we used to be but we can change our path and get back on track. Energy sources in our country are abundant. We have enough coal to power our nation for the next 500 years. Natural gas is available in such quantities that there is a glut right now. The Keystone pipeline will assure inexpensive energy for generations and will be a great link to one of our closest allies. Building it will create jobs which is one of the critical steps in getting us out of a continuing economic decline.

There are so many issues that need be addressed; energy; foreign policy, the soaring deficit and the flailing economy. Our middle class is carrying an unjust burden that will destroy it if not lifted. Small business is one of the driving forces of our fiscal engine and if the taxes aren’t lowered on them, many more will cease operations. With a tax reduction for all of us, incentive to produce more increases and revenues also increase because more people can be hired and consumers will have more disposable income to spend on goods and services. The entire tax system needs to be revamped; simplifying it and making a level playing field. Yes, the ultra rich I am sure would be willing to pay a bit more to save our country.

The Libya attacks on 9/11 should never have happened. In the recent vice presidential debate, Biden stated clearly that they never had requests for security & threw our Intel under the bus as well as the State Department who had sworn testimony to the contrary. And to cover up the fact for two weeks that this was a terrorist attack, blaming a filmmaker is irresponsible and reprehensible. Ignorance is one thing but broadcasting an outright lie to the American public is just intolerable. If they truly did not know as Biden declared, then the uppermost managers should be fired. But do you really believe the President and Vice President had no clue as to what was going on in Libya? And worse, if they did know then lives were lost because of inept leadership at the top and that is unacceptable.

 Think the recently published government figures on unemployment are accurate?  Sure, if you factor that they are skewed to make you think they’re improving. Realistically I would surmise that not that under 8% (the benchmark for a re-election favor) as touted but likely 15%, maybe even 20%.  And an inflation level of less than 2%?  Really, have you shopped for food or fuel lately? Your dollar buys less than it ever did. And energy costs are a real factor because of the extra fuel bills we’re paying to get the food to our stores. Utility bills are dramatically larger, food costs have quietly been escalating and this is only the beginning.

Unless we demand change now from our Senators, Congressmen and President we will be Greece and Spain in the coming few years. There needs to be less Government spending, not more and the deficit has to be gotten under control.  As far as raising taxes, that is the kiss of death. The entire tax code needs to be revamped and simplified. It has been proven historically that when taxes are lowered, consumers spend more and incoming revenues increase commensurately. It happened under Reagan’s watch and could happen again.

So to the politicians on both sides of the fence, get your act together and remember why we elected you in the first place. We trusted that you were looking out for the betterment of America and not the lobbyists who donated to your causes. We’ve had enough with promises and false hope. It is time to get us back on a positive footing. Extend the Bush tax cuts across the board. Raise the income tax on earners above $1 million and let’s stop the foreign aid to those countries that turn and use it against us. Keep the monies here where we have people starving and living in squalor. This is America where Capitalism rules, not Marxism. So get it right; this is our only chance. Let’s take our country back.