Reece Fleming, 8 years old Dying Wish: Get Married

Reece Fleming, an eight year old boy fighting leukemia, proposed to his "special friend," Elleanor Purgslove, at a laser tag party.

As Reece Fleming’s disease got worse and doctors told his family that he only had weeks to live, his final wish was to marry Elleanor. His family organized that the two youngsters could eat dinner together, with transportation provided by the mayor’s limousine, and then participate in a "wedding" ceremony, complete with rings, a certificate and a stand-in vicar.

One day after Reece Fleming and Elleanor Purgslove were "wed," Reece died peacefully at his home. Although it seems like this is a love story written for someone aged 80, Reece Fleming proved that he had a lot of love in his small heart.