Removal of Kidney relates to increased chances of Erectile Dysfunction



1 Oct 2012, USA(  A well-known surgeon, Dr. Ithaar Derweesh, at the University of California, San Diego, in his recent research published, has highlighted that the removal of Kidney is completely associated to increased likelihood of intimate disorder.

The study included two group of men section, in which Dr Derweesh revealed that 264 patients endured a “Radical nephrectomy” wherein total kidney removal takes place.  On the other hand, 168 men endured a “Partial nephrectomy” in which partial kidney removal takes place. Altogether, the total patients were 432 men presented for this treatment.

These men had undergone a nephrectomy due to renal cell carcinoma which is a type of cancer. The majority of people suffering with this type of cancer have to undergo removal of kidney.  This surgery and study started from January 1988 and accomplished in December 2007. Each and every patient was kept under observation separately. Following their nephrectomy operations, Dr. Derweesh evaluated and made analyzes based on the complete medical histories of each and every patient for up to six years. 

The complete study surprised which indicated that 29.5% of the patients with radical nephrectomy developed new problems with ED, whereby 9.5 % of the patients who underwent partial nephrectomy showed this same new ED problem. The radical nephrectomies were expected in these patients and in some cases it may not necessarily be around. Complete kidney removal depends on the size of tumor.  It is a crucial step for the doctors to foresee if the part could be saved or not.

One of the beneficiary facts linked to partial nephrectomy is that it has noticeably lower attempts of ED taking place later. Also saving part of the kidney relates to better metabolic function that is equivalent to better quality of life as a whole. Apart from this it also prevents osteoporosis.  However, there are some disadvantages and thus should be talked with the health professional carefully. Removing partial kidney is a hectic job wherein it can result in severe blood loss or ripping of urinary path.

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